President Heads Virginia
25 Pictures of Abandoned President Heads in Williamsburg
Follow AbandonedWay President heads in Virginia is an abandoned park with dozens of 20-foot-tall busts of U.S. president, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Presidential busts originated in the President’s Park, an outdoor museum on the outskirts of Williamsburg, VA, featuring the busts of 43 of our former Presidents.
Abandoned Williamson Memorial Hospital
Photographer capture Abandoned Williamson Memorial Hospital
Follow AbandonedWay Formerly known as Williamson Memorial Hospital, the Old Hospital on College Hill is an abandoned hospital in Williamson, West Virginia. It was established in 1918 to provide health care service to the residents. Hospital named after Wallace J. Williamson, the son of Benjamin Williamson
Abandoned Caretta WV
25 Pictures Show Abandoned Buildings in Caretta, WV
Follow AbandonedWay Caretta is an unincorporated community located in McDowell County, West Virginia, United States. It is named after the transposed syllables of Mrs. Etta Carter, the wife of George Lafayette Carter, who founded Carter Coal. Caretta was a major coal camp in McDowell County.
Abandoned Glass Mansion in Leesburg, Virginia
Pictures Show an Abandoned Glass Mansion in Leesburg, Virginia
Nestled near the forest in Leesburg, the Abandoned Glass Mansion has sat vacant for well over a decade. Once a bustling center of social activity, the mansion now lies empty, slowly accepting encroaching vines and decay into its landscape. It was build in 1980s and abandoned in 2003.
Abandoned Coketon Mine
Brief History of Abandoned Coketon Mine, West Virginia
Coketon was the third largest coking facility in West Virginia and produced 200,000 tons of coke by 1904. Although time and vandalism have eroded the Coketon complex, significant ruins are nevertheless extant.
Abandoned Hotel Wyoming in Mullens, WV
The History of Abandoned Wyoming Hotel in Mullens, WV
We prepared stunning photos of the abandoned Wyoming Hotel in Mullens, West Virginia. The Wyoming Hotel was designed by architect Alex Mahood but the building was facing an uncertain future and threat of imminent collapse in recent years. Wyoming hotel mullens WV.