Abandoned School in Samara
Photos of an Abandoned School in Samara, Russia
The abandoned school in Samara, Russia, is a haunting reminder of the past. Built in the early 20th century, the school served the community for many years, educating generations of children.
An abandoned XVIII century church
An abandoned XVIII century church
This run-down church is in an extremely dilapidated and sad state. Photos show an abandoned XVIII century church.
Ghost Village Chelyustino
Ghost Village Chelyustino in the Tula region, Russia. A cursed place that the locals bypass.
Chelyustino village is an abandoned village located in Tula region, Russia. Chelyustino village began to die out in the mid-80s, by the early 2000s it was completely empty, some houses were used by summer residents, but explorers counted only a few of them, the last signs of life were in this village in 2013.
Abandoned River Pilot Post
Abandoned River Pilot Post in Rostov-on-Don
Urbex explorers found the remains of the former River Pilot Post located on the banks of Don River near Rostov-on-Don. Thanks to the past owners for not touching the central lobby with unique chandeliers.
Abandoned ZIL 130
Abandoned Fire Engine ZIL 130
Photos show decommissioned and rusty ZIL 130 fire engine truck.
Abandoned Cinema
Abandoned Cinema in Zelenogorsk
This huge abandoned cinema is located on the territory of the functioning sanatorium "Northern Riviera" in Zelenogorsk, Russia. The cinema was closed and abandoned in 2007.
Abandoned mining town Russia
Abandoned Promyshlenny Mining Town in Russia
Promyshlenny mining town in Russia was once large settlement, with its own house of culture, a school in which there was a swimming pool, and an indoor skating rink. But since the 2000s, no one lives here, and all social facilities are falling apart.
Moynaq Abandoned Ships
Stunning Pictures Show Moynaq Abandoned Ships
Moynaq Ship Cemetery is an abandoned ship graveyard in the middle of the desert located in Uzbekistan, Moynaq. The town of Moynaq, once an active fishing port, fast became deserted when the waters of the Aral Sea disappeared.
Red Star Train Graveyard
15+ Pictures Show Red Star Train Graveyard in Hungary
The Red Star Train Graveyard also known as ISTVÁNTELEK TRAIN YARD is a stockpile of rusting steam-powered hulks, which are owned by the Budapest Railway Museum located in Hungary.
Urbex Sobieskiego 100 Warsaw
The Abandoned Soviet Residence Sobieskiego 100 in Warsaw
Follow AbandonedWay The building at Sobieskiego 100 is an abandoned two blocks Soviet-style apartment complex in the district of Mokotów in Warsaw, Poland. Used by the USSR embassy employees during the communist era, the housing complex nicknamed “Spy City” has been abandoned for many years.