Kayakoy Ghost Town
Kayakoy Ghost Town in Turkey – History, Facts and Photos
Kayaköy is a ghost-town located just outside of the hustle and bustle of Oludeniz and Hisaronu; situated in the Fethiye region of Turkey.
Marble Mine Inundation Rummu quarry
50 Stunning Photos From Rummu Quarry Inundation
The mining of Vasalemma limestone and marble in the Rummu quarry started as early as 1938 and the prisoners of Murru Prison were used as labour. In 1991, the Rummu Quarry was abandoned, and no one was left to pump the water out of the quarry.
Chicago's Montrose Point
Strange Stories from Chicago’s Montrose Point
Montrose Avenue meets Lake Michigan. After World War II, Montrose Point was far from peaceful. In fact, it was an army base and missile site! American soldiers were stationed at Montrose Point
abandoned mccormick's factory
25 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Mccormick’s Candy Factory
We prepared 25 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Mccormick's Candy Factory. The story of McCormicks begins in 1849. As for 2021 Several buildings on the old McCormick’s site in London have been demolished, as a Woodstock-based developer prepares for next stage of construction at the former candy factory.
Abandoned Disney Castles in Burj Al Babas
Stunning Photos of Abandoned Disney Castles in Burj Al Babas, Turkey
In Northern Turkey just outside of the of Mudurnu, you'll find a Burj Al Babas ghost-town with hundreds of abandoned Disney Castles. They look eerily similar to Cinderella's castle, but they’re empty on the inside, and many of them are starting to fall apart.
Abandoned Glass Mansion in Leesburg, Virginia
Pictures Show an Abandoned Glass Mansion in Leesburg, Virginia
Nestled near the forest in Leesburg, the Abandoned Glass Mansion has sat vacant for well over a decade. Once a bustling center of social activity, the mansion now lies empty, slowly accepting encroaching vines and decay into its landscape. It was build in 1980s and abandoned in 2003.
Abandoned McDonalds Alaska
Eerie Photos of Abandoned McDonalds on Adak Island, Alaska
The McDonalds building was left frozen in time. Photos of an Abandoned McDonalds on an Alaskan former naval base that has remained preserved in time since the early 1990s.
Stunning Photos of P Diddy Abandoned Mansion in Dunwoody, Georgia
We prepared stunning photos of P Diddy Abandoned Mansion. An eerie mansion that's been left to ruin for years. The house in question is allegedly one that P Diddy abandoned years ago.
Essex County Jail Annex
25 Creepy Pictures and Eerie Story of Essex County Jail Annex
We prepared 25 Creepy Pictures and Eerie Story of Essex County Jail Annex. The site was designed by John Haviland and was built in 1872/73. Demolition of the satellite buildings began in 2007, and by 2011, all structures were destroyed, despite few buildings
Holy Ghost Byzantine St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio
Abandoned St. Joseph Byzantine Catholic Church in Cleveland, Ohio
St. Joseph Church is a former Byzantine Catholic church in the Union-Miles Park neighbourhood in Cleveland, Ohio. The church building was demolished in 2016.