Abandoned Paramount Theater
A Photographer Finds Abandoned Paramount Theater in Newark 
The Paramount Theatre in Newark closed on March 31, 1986 due to an increase in insurance rates. This increase also led to the closing of the nearby Adams Theatre. As for the winter of 2020/2021 part of the auditorium roof collapsed due to the weight of snow.
Abandoned Uptown Theatre
Pictures Show Abandoned Uptown Theatre in Philadelphia, PA
The Uptown theater in Philadelphia stayed open until 1978. True Light Community Ministries purchased the Uptown in 1989, but abandoned the property after a 1991 storm damaged the roof.
Abandoned Fox Theatre
Abandoned Fox Theatre in Inglewood, CA 
Built in 1949, the Fox Theater is a 1,008 seat theater designed by S. Charles Lee and Carl G. Moeller. Although the Inglewood Fox Theatre closed back in 1988 and abandoned, the theatre has been remarkably preserved.
Abandoned Kenosha Theatre
Pictures Show Abandoned Kenosha Theatre in Wisconsin
The Kenosha Theatre served the community for 36 years before being closed in 1963. The abandoned theatre building is now being restored, with hopes of transforming it into a performing arts facility.