Century III Mall
Abandoned Century III Mall in Pennsylvania
Named after the United State’s 1976 bicentennial, Century III Mall is an abandoned shopping center in West Mifflin, Pennsylvania. The Century III Mall was originally developed and owned by Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation.
Abandoned Penn Hills Resort In the Poconos
50 Stunning Photos From Demolished Penn Hills Resort
50 Stunning Photos From Penn Hills Resort before it have been demolished in 2021. Penn Hills Resort specialized in honeymoons and romantic vacations and became very popular in the 1960’s. Unfortunately in 2009, the co-founder Frances Paolillo died at 102. After his death the Penn Hills Resort closed less than 2 months later.
Abandoned McKeesport in Pennsylvania, PA
Abandoned McKeesport Town PhotoWalk
We prepared 30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned McKeesport Town. Settled in 1795 and named in honor of John McKee, its founder, McKeesport remained a village until 1830 when coal mining began in the region. Large deposits of bituminous coal existed. McKeesport was incorporated as a borough in 1842 and as a city in 1891.
Abandoned Titanic Mansion known as Lynnewood Hall
Pictures Show Abandoned Titanic Mansion known as Lynnewood Hall
We prepared 25+ Stunning Photos of Abandoned Titanic Mansion known as Lynnewood Hall. The Mansion was built between 1897 and 1900 for U.S. tycoon Peter Arrell Browne Widener, who was an investor in the Titanic.
Good Shepherd Abandoned Cemetery
A Brief History of Good Shepherd Abandoned Cemetery, Pennsylvania
The Good Shepherd cemetery was created in 1976 by owners known collectively as Westminster Associates. Good Shepherd Cemetery was all but abandoned in 2003 and condemned in 2015 because of lack of maintenance.
Abandoned Lincoln Way in Clairton, PA
The Derelict Lincoln Way in Clairton, PA
Mysterious story of a beast hunting the residents of Lincoln Way in Clairton, PA. The last house Lincoln Way was evacuated in 2012.
Old Sleighton Farm School
70 Historic and Abandoned Photos of the Sleighton Farm School
We prepared 70 Historical and Abandoned Photos made inside of the Old Sleighton Farm School. The Sleighton Farm School is an abandoned reformatory school for delinquent girls aged 12 to 18 in Pennsylvania.
Abandoned Brownsville General Hospital
The History of Abandoned Brownsville General Hospital
Construction on the Brownsville General Hospital began in 1908, in an attempt to fill a desperate need in the Brownsville community. The hospital was constructed between 1908 and 1916 and closed in 1965. It later served as a personal care home until being abandoned in 1984.
Abandoned Pennhurst State School
Abandoned Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Spring City, PA
Built-in 1908 Pennhurst State School and Hospital with a sprawling campus that had everything a community could need - including a barbershop, a greenhouse, a fire station, a movie theater. Ultimately Pennhurst State School and Hospital was closed in 1987