Church of the Transfiguration Philadelphia
Haunting Pictures of Church of the Transfiguration Before it Was Demolished
The Church of the Transfiguration was closed in 2000, and the church building located on the corner of 56th and Cedar in West Philadelphia was demolished in 2009.
Halls Tower
Abandoned Halls Tower Mansion in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Follow AbandonedWay Halls Tower is an abandoned 16-story concrete tower located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The Hall’s tower (originally named Carillon Tower) was designed as a dream home for family of former Silver Spring Twp. businessman John P. Hall. The abandoned Hall tower may be seen
Abandoned Yellow Dog Village
30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Yellow Dog Village Town in Pennsylvania
Follow AbandonedWay Yellow Dog Village is an abandoned mining town located seven miles west of Kittanning, Pennsylvania. The village once served as home to workers at the Buffalo Creek Mine, but after the mine’s closing final resident moved out in around 2011.  Throughout Pennsylvania, small communities
the huber breaker blue coal
The Blue Coal Huber Breaker Before It Was Demolished
The Huber Breaker was built in 1939 to replace the old Maxwell Breaker. Pictures Show the Blue Coal Huber Breaker Before It Was Demolished
Bethlehem Steel
Photographs show Abandoned Bethlehem Steel Plant
At peak, Bethlehem Steel was the world’s second largest steel producer and one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world. Bethlehem Steel was forced to cease production on November 18, 1995.
Kiddie Kloes Factory Lansford
30 Pictures Show Abandoned Kiddie Kloes Factory in Lansford
Constructed in 1904, this abandoned factory Kiddie Kloes Factory in Lansford, Pennsylvania started out as a silk mill. Unused since being closed in the 1990s, the main 3 story brick building is completely grown over on two sides with ivy and vines.
Abandoned Uptown Theatre
Pictures Show Abandoned Uptown Theatre in Philadelphia, PA
The Uptown theater in Philadelphia stayed open until 1978. True Light Community Ministries purchased the Uptown in 1989, but abandoned the property after a 1991 storm damaged the roof.
Holmesburg Prison
Pictures Show Abandoned Holmesburg Prison
The Holmesburg Prison was closed in 1995. Dr. Albert Kligman performed medical trials on the inmates of Philadelphia's Holmesburg Prison between 1951 and 1974l. The prison is also notable for several major riots in the early 1970s.
Warminster Abandoned Neighborhood PA
Pictures Show Warminster Abandoned Neighborhood PA
In 2011, the entire Warminster Abandoned Neighborhood PA shut down and all of the residents were forced to evacuate their homes due to plumbing issues, faulty street and lot layouts, and economically or socially undesirable land use.
Demolition of Hershey Chocolate Factory
Pictures Show Demolition of Hershey Chocolate Factory
Pictures Show Demolition of Hershey Chocolate Factory in Hershey, PA. The original factory housed all production until 1963, when a factory in Smith Falls, Ontario opened, followed by one in Oakdale, CA in 1965.