Abandoned Land van Ooit Netherlands
Abandoned Soldiers at Land van Ooit Theme Park
The Land van Ooit, or "Land of Once," is a historical theme park located in the Netherlands that has been abandoned for over a decade. The abandoned soldiers and attractions at Land van Ooit have become a popular destination for urban explorers and photographers.
Abandoned Spreepark Theme Park Berlin
50 Photos From Abandoned Spreepark Theme Park Berlin
Spreepark theme park is an abandoned amusement park located in Berlin, Germany. Since its closure in 2002, it decayed quickly and became one of Berlin's most famous abandoned places.
Bongoland Abandoned Florida
Abandoned Bongoland Theme Park in Florida
Bongoland is an abandoned theme park with prehistoric creatures, located in Florida, US. It was named for "Bongo," a large baboon that lived there. The park operated until 1952 due to “lack of public interest”.
Thuy Tien Lake Abandoned Water Park
40 Pictures Show Thuy Tien Lake Abandoned Water Park
Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned water park located in Hue, Vietnam. The park was abandoned in 2011 and because of, humidity, and the weather condition in Hue, everything inside Abandoned Water Park was rusted.
Abandoned Wacky Warehouse
Pictures Show Abandoned Wacky Warehouse
Follow AbandonedWay The quiet town of Stone in Staffordshire holds a creepy but interesting location. In an old abandoned lot sits an equally old boarded-up building that use to be a place that brought profound joy to kids. The building was originally known as ‘Arden House’
Abandoned Expo 92 Seville
Abandoned Expo 92 in Seville
Follow AbandonedWay Expo 1992 is an abandoned world fair exposition located in Seville, Spain. It took place took place from Monday, April 20 to Monday, October 12, 1992 and 41 million people visited over the 6 months it was open. Expo’92 was organized to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery
Devils Nest Ski Resort
The Story Behind Abandoned Devils Nest Ski Resort in Nebraska
Follow AbandonedWay Devils Nest Ski Resort is an abandoned ski area located in northeast Nebraska that has been relatively untouched since it closed in 1974. In the 1960s, a group of developers decided that this unique location at the banks of the Lewis and Clark River would be the perfect place for an upscale ski […
Rootwad Park
Pictures Show Creepy Sculptures in Rootwad Park, St. Louis
Follow AbandonedWay Rootwad Park is an abandoned site that features the last commissioned works of Bob Cassilly. He was an American sculptor, entrepreneur, and creative director based in St. Louis, Missouri. His abandoned Rootwad Park sits right in the middle of industrial buildings (the Laclede Power
Abandoned Wenzhou Dolphin Bay Dream Water Park
Abandoned Wenzhou Dolphin Bay Dream Water Park
By 2017 the Wenzhou Dolphin Bay Dream Water Park had been abandoned.
Abandoned Clementon Amusement Park
Inside Abandoned Clementon Amusement Park
The Clementon Park and Splash World is an abandoned amusement park in New Jersey. The park operated as one of thirteen trolley parks in the United States until its closure in 2019.