Molly Stark Sanatorium
History of Abandoned Molly Stark Sanatorium
Molly Stark Sanatorium is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital building located on the grounds of Molly Stark Park in Louisville, Ohio. Molly Stark Sanatorium reputation continues to lure ghost hunters and paranormal sleuths have infiltrated the remains of the sanatorium.
forest fair village mall cincinnati
Forest Fair Village Mall in Ohio – 35+ Pictures
Forest Fair Mall opened in 1989 with upscale anchors that included Bonwit Teller, B. Altman, Parisian, and Sakowitz. It also included Bigg's and Elder-Beerman as anchor stores.
Abandoned Woodcliff Whitehall Ohio
Pictures Show Abandoned Woodcliff Neighbourhood in Whitehall, Ohio
Follow AbandonedWay The Woodcliff is a neighbourhood with nearly 100 abandoned homes within Whitehall city. It has been completely abandoned since 2019. This site spans 36 acres, containing over 150 condos, most of them duplexes. In all, the neighborhood of Woodcliff had 317 units.
Abandoned Youngstown Sheet and Tube
Abandoned Buildings of Youngstown Sheet and Tube in Ohio
Follow AbandonedWay Youngstown Iron Sheet and Tube Company was an American steel manufacturer located in East Youngstown (now Campbell), Ohio. The company offered affordable company housing in Campbell. Houses were built between 1918 and 1920 using prefabricated concrete.
Abandoned Richman Brothers
Abandoned Richman Brothers Factory
Follow AbandonedWay The Richman Brothers Factory is an abandoned plant of men’s suits, furnishings and hats in Cleveland, Ohio. Richman Brothers Company operated a tailoring plant, a national network of stores and an office complex. The company was originally founded by Jewish-Bavarian immigrant Henry Richman Sr.
Cooper Stadium
Pictures Show Abandoned Cooper Stadium
Most of Cooper Stadium was demolished in 2014. What remained - a section of the stadium running down the third base line - was to be incorporated into the racetrack stands.
Westland Mall Ohio
30 Photos From Inside Abandoned Columbus Ohio Westland Mall
30 Photos From Inside Abandoned Columbus Ohio Westland Mall. The mall was enclosed around 1982 and was very active throughout the 1980s. The Westland mall closed for good around 2013.
Warner and Swasey Observatory in East Cleveland, Ohio
Abandoned Warner and Swasey Observatory in East Cleveland
The Warner and Swasey Observatory in East Cleveland closed in 1980 and scrappers and vandals have trashed the abandoned building, removing all valuable metals and the sheathing on the domes, and making a mess of the place.
Abandoned Variety Theater Complex Renovation in Cleveland, Ohio
Before-and-After Photos of Abandoned Variety Theater Renovation – Cleaveland
40 dramatic before-and-after renovation photos of abandoned Variety Theater Complex in Cleaveland. The Variety Amusement Company opened the Variety Theatre on November 24, 1927 but high cost of utilities and other expenses forced the Variety Theatre to close in 1986. it will take an estimated $12-15