Coolidge Ghost Town Montana
Coolidge Ghost Town Montana – Haunting Pictures
Coolidge is a ghost town located near the Pioneer Mountains Scenic Byway, Montana, U.S. Today, Coolidge is fading reminder of the fortunes made and lost in the mining camps that dotted Montana's mountains in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Comet Ghost Town Montana
Comet Ghost Town, Montana – Creepy Pictures
Comet is a ghost town located 32 kilometers south-southwest of Helena, Montana, United States. It was named for Comet Mine which produced lead, zinc, copper, silver, and gold.
Bannack Ghost Town Montana
Bannack Ghost Town, Montana – Haunting Pictures
Bannack is a ghost town located in Beaverhead County, Montana, U.S. Bannack was the first town in state of Montana where the search for gold took place. By 1960, the town had been completely abandoned.
Marysville Ghost Town Montana
Exploring Marysville Ghost Town, Montana – 20 Pictures
Marysville is a ghost town in Lewis and Clark County, Montana, United States. During the 1880's and 1890's Marysville was the leading gold producer in Montana. Today there are a few residents in Marysville Ghost Town and several abandoned buildings from the glory days.