Kansas City Workhouse Castle
The Ruins of Kansas City Workhouse Castle
Follow AbandonedWay The Kansas City Workhouse Castle is an abandoned and historical medieval-styled site located at 2001 Vine Street in Missouri. The towered stone fortress was originally built in 1897 and was inaugurated as the “workhouse castle” with dedicated jail to incarcerate petty criminals and vagrants.
Rootwad Park
Pictures Show Creepy Sculptures in Rootwad Park, St. Louis
Follow AbandonedWay Rootwad Park is an abandoned site that features the last commissioned works of Bob Cassilly. He was an American sculptor, entrepreneur, and creative director based in St. Louis, Missouri. His abandoned Rootwad Park sits right in the middle of industrial buildings (the Laclede Power
Abandoned Mansions in Branson
30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Mansions in Branson, Indian Ridge Resort
We prepared 30 stunning photos of abandoned mansions in Branson. The unfinished resort has become a viral sensation. TikTok users describe mansions as spooky and scary.