Tunku Abdul Rahman Flats or Pekeliling Flats
Forgotten Story of Abandoned Pekeliling Flats (Demolished)
Pekeliling Flats or better known as Tunku Abdul Rahman Flats was the second high-rise apartment building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after Suleiman Courts. They were built between 1964 and 1967. Demolition work finally began in January 2014 and completed over a span of almost two years, finishing by November 2015.
Abandoned SS Bakery
Urbex Abandoned Nazi SS Bakery – 50 Photos
SS Bäckerei Oranienburg also known as Brotfabrik is an abandoned bread factory served for the for the Nazi regime during World War II. 50 Photos of abandoned SS Bakery.
Zombie Hospital Berlin Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee
25 Photos From Abandoned Zombie Hospital Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee
Kinderkrankenhaus Weißensee is an abandoned Children's Hospital building also known as zombie hospital located in Berlin, Germany. 25 photos made at abandoned hospital Berlin.
hohenlychen bunker
50 Photos From Abandoned Hohenlychen Sanatorium
Heilstätten Hohenlychen is an abandoned sanatorium complex in Lychen, that was in use from 1902 to 1945. After WW2 the Hohenlynchen was used for military purposes until 1993 when it was closed and abandoned. 50 Photos From Abandoned Hohenlychen Sanatorium
Abandoned Greystone Manor
Pictures Show Empty Greystone Manor in Durham
Follow AbandonedWay Greystone Manor is an abandoned mansion located at 618 Vickers Ave, Durham. Greystone Manor was built in 1911 for James Edward Stagg, a wealthy and prominent Durham citizen. From 1893 until 1895 Stagg was private secretary to his cousin Benjamin Duke of the American Tobacco Company fame.
Château Robert Hansen
Abandoned Château Robert Hansen
Follow AbandonedWay Château Robert Hansen is an abandoned castle built at the end of the 19th century. Located near a busy road and in front of the Mediterranean Sea, the castle is very vandalized. For a photographic point of view, the outside is impressive but the interior is completely collapsed.
Dragon Lodge Mansion Hong Kong
Urbex Haunted Dragon Lodge Mansion in Hong Kong
Follow AbandonedWay Dragon Lodge is an abandoned mansion located at No. 32 Lugard Road, Hong Kong. It is one of Hong Kong’s most haunted places and it occupies some of the most valuable piece of land in the city. Dragon Lodge has seen many owners. The first owner who built the famous property in 1920 […
Urbex Sobieskiego 100 Warsaw
The Abandoned Soviet Residence Sobieskiego 100 in Warsaw
Follow AbandonedWay The building at Sobieskiego 100 is an abandoned two blocks Soviet-style apartment complex in the district of Mokotów in Warsaw, Poland. Used by the USSR embassy employees during the communist era, the housing complex nicknamed “Spy City” has been abandoned for many years.
Priceville Pioneer Cemetery
History of Priceville Pioneer Cemetery in Ontario
Follow AbandonedWay Priceville Pioneer Cemetery, established on land donated by early settlers, has been inactive since May 25, 1951 after the burial of Euphemia MacPhee. By 1950 the burying ground showed considerable neglect. Many stones were falling over or were broken.
Sanatorium Simone Weber
Abandoned Sanatorium Simone Weber in France
Follow AbandonedWay Sanatorium Simone Weber is an abandoned hospital, hence its name “Sanatorium”, located in Lay-Saint-Christophe, France. The hospital was built in 1899 by doctor Paul Spillmann to prevent a great epidemic of tuberculosis, which spread rapidly and was highly endemic in France.