An abandoned XVIII century church
An abandoned XVIII century church
This run-down church is in an extremely dilapidated and sad state. Photos show an abandoned XVIII century church.
Abandoned Hotel Bali
Just Another Abandoned Hotel in Jimbaran, Bali
Unfinished hotel in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia that was built since 2007. It had ben left abandoned for years due to bankruptcy. It underwent ownership change many times.
hohenlychen bunker
50 Photos From Abandoned Hohenlychen Sanatorium
Heilstätten Hohenlychen is an abandoned sanatorium complex in Lychen, that was in use from 1902 to 1945. After WW2 the Hohenlynchen was used for military purposes until 1993 when it was closed and abandoned. 50 Photos From Abandoned Hohenlychen Sanatorium
Radium Springs Georgia
The Ruins of Radium Springs Casino in Georgia – Haunting Pictures
The Casino at Radium Springs is demolished site located at 2501 Radium Springs Road, Georgia. A casino was built overlooking the springs in the 1920s and Radium Springs was a popular spa and resort. The casino was severely damaged when the river flooded in 1994, and again in 1998, and was demolished in 2003.
Uranium City Ghost Town
Uranium City Ghost Town – Urbex Canada
Uranium city is one of the famous ghost towns in Saskatchewan, located on the north shore of Lake Athabasca – about 400 miles from Prince Albert and an equal distance from Edmonton
oklahoma will rogers turnpike abandoned
Abandoned I-44 Will Rogers Turnpike in Oklahoma
I-44 Will Rogers Turnpike is an abandoned toll road in the northeast portion of the U.S. state of Oklahoma
Huddersfield Infirmary Kirkless College
Abandoned Huddersfield Infirmary Former Kirkless College
Follow AbandonedWay Huddersfield Infirmary is one of Huddersfield’s abandoned buildings. Huddersfield’s first infirmary was opened in 1831 to designs by architect John Oates. It was built in response to concerns about industrial accidents and funded by public donations.
Newsome Mill
Pictures Show Abandoned Newsome Mill in Huddersfield, UK
Follow AbandonedWay The Grade II listed Newsome Mill was used to produce woollen textiles. The first woollen mill on the site at Newsome was founded by John Taylor in 1827. This building burnt down in 1872 and in 1873 Ephraim Beaumont Taylor went into partnership with Joshua Littlewood, to form Taylor &
Abandoned Woodside Flour Mill
The Ruins Of Woodside Flour Mill in UK
Follow AbandonedWay As you walk along Calder and Hebble Navigation waterway, situated to edge of canal is what’s left of crumbling flour mill which dates back to 19th century time. On researching about the mill, it was built around 1800. To my knowledge it’s first owner was someone called Milner around 1885. The type of […
Abandoned village hong kong
Photos: Abandoned Village House in Hong Kong
Follow AbandonedWay When you see this building from the street, it seems that there can be nothing remarkable there. Ordinary concrete walls, miraculously survived windows. I would like to note only the huge wooden doors. Honestly, I would love to have something like this in my home.