Uranium City Ghost Town
Uranium City Ghost Town – Urbex Canada
Uranium city is one of the famous ghost towns in Saskatchewan, located on the north shore of Lake Athabasca – about 400 miles from Prince Albert and an equal distance from Edmonton
Priceville Pioneer Cemetery
History of Priceville Pioneer Cemetery in Ontario
Follow AbandonedWay Priceville Pioneer Cemetery, established on land donated by early settlers, has been inactive since May 25, 1951 after the burial of Euphemia MacPhee. By 1950 the burying ground showed considerable neglect. Many stones were falling over or were broken.
Montreal Mirabel Airport
Stunning Photos From Inside Abandoned Montreal Mirabel Airport
Follow AbandonedWay Montréal Mirabel Airport is an abandoned cargo and former international passenger airport in Mirabel, Quebec, Canada, located 21 nautical miles northwest of Montreal. We prepared 20 photos made at Mirabel Airport just after it was closed and before terminal building demolished.
Gray Rocks Ski Resort Hotel
30 Stunning Photos Show Abandoned Gray Rocks Ski Resort
Gray Rocks Ski Resort was founded in 1905 by George Wheeler, an American from New Hampshire who arrived in the region in 1894 as a lumberjack. 30 Pictures Show Abandoned Gray Rocks Hotel.
Wellington Tunnel
The decrepit and abandoned Wellington Tunnel
In 1994 the Wellington Tunnel was closed and ultimately abandoned. While the tunnel beneath the Lachine Canal is definitely spacious, it is also rumoured to be haunted, according to many of its users.
Canada Malting Plant
Photographs capture Abandoned Canada Malting Plant
Canada Malting Plant silos were abandoned again in 1989, when the Canadian National Railway ceased servicing the area. We took photos from the inside of abandoned Canada Malting Silos.
Abandoned Mccormick’s Candy Factory
We prepared 25 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Mccormick's Candy Factory. The story of McCormicks begins in 1849. As for 2021 Several buildings on the old McCormick’s site in London have been demolished, as a Woodstock-based developer prepares for next stage of construction at the former candy factory.