Skytech Helicopters Urbex Belgium
Abandoned Skytech Helicopters – Urbex Belgium
Skytech Helicopters were abandoned MI-26T helicopters located on the site in Belgium. Helicopters were sold as metal parts in 2015. Skytech was founded in Belgium in November 1989 by helicopter pilots Thierry Lakhanisky and Lucienne De Dryver. The company is known for pioneering commercial operation
HF6 Liege
Photos: HF6 Liege Before It Was Demolished
Follow AbandonedWay Haut-Fourneau 6 Seraing is a demolished blast-furnace in the Liege region of Belgium. HF6 was built in 1957-59 by SA Société Métallurgique d’Espérance-Longdoz, an ancient Belgian coal mining and steelmaking company having its headquarters in Seraing, near Liège.
Villers Abbey Victor Hugo
History of Villers Abbey Ruins once visited by Victor Hugo
Among the numerous visitors to stay at Villers Abbey was Victor Hugo. The Villers Abbey ruins, located in the Commune of Villers-la-Ville in Belgium, are more than 900 years old, but some parts of it look quite futuristic.
Abandoned Powerplant IM Cooling Tower of Charleroi, Belgium
Abandoned Powerplant IM Cooling Tower of Charleroi, Belgium
Power Plant IM was originally built in 1921 and when it was finished, it was one of the largest coal-burning power plants in Belgium.