Abandoned Hotel Bali
Just Another Abandoned Hotel in Jimbaran, Bali
Unfinished hotel in Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia that was built since 2007. It had ben left abandoned for years due to bankruptcy. It underwent ownership change many times.
Tunku Abdul Rahman Flats or Pekeliling Flats
Forgotten Story of Abandoned Pekeliling Flats (Demolished)
Pekeliling Flats or better known as Tunku Abdul Rahman Flats was the second high-rise apartment building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after Suleiman Courts. They were built between 1964 and 1967. Demolition work finally began in January 2014 and completed over a span of almost two years, finishing by November 2015.
Abandoned Highland Towers
Abandoned Highland Towers in Kuala Lumpur
Highland Towers is an abandoned condominium building in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A huge mudslide brought on by heavy rain triggered the collapse of Block 1 building and resulted in 48 deaths. Since then, the site has been abandoned.
Rex Cinema in Penang
Former Rex Cinema in Penang
Rex Cinema in Penang is derelict and no longer in use building located in in George Town, Penang, Malaysia.
Abandoned Crag Hotel
Exploring Abandoned Crag Hotel in Penang
Crag Hotel is an abandoned hotel and former international school located on Penang Hill, Pilau Pinang, Malayisa. The building was featured in Academy award-winning films and a BBC series.
Abandoned Jungle Toy House
Abandoned Jungle Toy House in Penang
Jungle Toy House is an abandoned mansion located in Penang. Its room still keep many forgotten toys and dolls.
Urbex Malaysia Abandoned Relau Mansion
Urbex Malaysia Abandoned Relau Mansion
Relau Mansion is an abandoned ghost house located in a valley at the verge of Relau. It was first mansion with the swimming pool on Penang Island. Urbex Malaysia.
Urbex Abandoned Yubari Old Shimizusawa School
Urbex Abandoned Yubari Old Shimizusawa School
Yubari Old Shimizusawa School is an abandoned elementary school located in town of Yubari, Japan. The public workforce of 3000 was halved. Six public schools were combined into 1.
Ghost Ship of Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort
Ghost Ships of Abandoned Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort
Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort also known as the „Ghost Ship Hotel“ or Galaxy Hotel is an abandoned hotel, closed down for „renovations“ a few years ago, but didn't open again.
Old Customs House Bangkok
Urbex Old Customs House Bangkok – 20 Photos
Old Customs House is an abandoned historic building located on the eastern bank of the Chao Phraya River in Bang Rak District of Bangkok, Thailand. It was built in 1888 and designed in neoclassical style by the Italian architect Joachim Grassi.