Abandoned Mansion
Just Another Abandoned Mansion in North Carolina
Follow AbandonedWay It’s hard not to notice such a gem in a small town! In many ways, it is thanks to being in such a place that this mansion is so well preserved. If it were, for example, in the countryside, looters and vandals would have destroyed it much sooner. But since everything here is […
Abandoned Greystone Manor
Pictures Show Empty Greystone Manor in Durham
Follow AbandonedWay Greystone Manor is an abandoned mansion located at 618 Vickers Ave, Durham. Greystone Manor was built in 1911 for James Edward Stagg, a wealthy and prominent Durham citizen. From 1893 until 1895 Stagg was private secretary to his cousin Benjamin Duke of the American Tobacco Company fame.
Kansas City Workhouse Castle
The Ruins of Kansas City Workhouse Castle
Follow AbandonedWay The Kansas City Workhouse Castle is an abandoned and historical medieval-styled site located at 2001 Vine Street in Missouri. The towered stone fortress was originally built in 1897 and was inaugurated as the “workhouse castle” with dedicated jail to incarcerate petty criminals and vagrants.
Devils Nest Ski Resort
The Story Behind Abandoned Devils Nest Ski Resort in Nebraska
Follow AbandonedWay Devils Nest Ski Resort is an abandoned ski area located in northeast Nebraska that has been relatively untouched since it closed in 1974. In the 1960s, a group of developers decided that this unique location at the banks of the Lewis and Clark River would be the perfect place for an upscale ski […
Halls Tower
Abandoned Halls Tower Mansion in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Follow AbandonedWay Halls Tower is an abandoned 16-story concrete tower located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. The Hall’s tower (originally named Carillon Tower) was designed as a dream home for family of former Silver Spring Twp. businessman John P. Hall. The abandoned Hall tower may be seen
american motors corporation building detroit
50 Pictures Show Abandoned American Motors Corporation Headquarters
Follow AbandonedWay American Motors Corporation Headquarters is an abandoned factory building in Detroit, Michigan. The AMC building didn’t always stand desolate, ravaged, and silent. It was designed by Amedeo Leoni, who designed the new facilities, which included offices, a three-story factory and power plant.
Rootwad Park
Pictures Show Creepy Sculptures in Rootwad Park, St. Louis
Follow AbandonedWay Rootwad Park is an abandoned site that features the last commissioned works of Bob Cassilly. He was an American sculptor, entrepreneur, and creative director based in St. Louis, Missouri. His abandoned Rootwad Park sits right in the middle of industrial buildings (the Laclede Power
Abandoned Woodcliff Whitehall Ohio
Pictures Show Abandoned Woodcliff Neighbourhood in Whitehall, Ohio
Follow AbandonedWay The Woodcliff is a neighbourhood with nearly 100 abandoned homes within Whitehall city. It has been completely abandoned since 2019. This site spans 36 acres, containing over 150 condos, most of them duplexes. In all, the neighborhood of Woodcliff had 317 units.
Abandoned Youngstown Sheet and Tube
Abandoned Buildings of Youngstown Sheet and Tube in Ohio
Follow AbandonedWay Youngstown Iron Sheet and Tube Company was an American steel manufacturer located in East Youngstown (now Campbell), Ohio. The company offered affordable company housing in Campbell. Houses were built between 1918 and 1920 using prefabricated concrete.
Abandoned Yellow Dog Village
30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Yellow Dog Village Town in Pennsylvania
Follow AbandonedWay Yellow Dog Village is an abandoned mining town located seven miles west of Kittanning, Pennsylvania. The village once served as home to workers at the Buffalo Creek Mine, but after the mine’s closing final resident moved out in around 2011.  Throughout Pennsylvania, small communities