Good Shepherd Abandoned Cemetery
A Brief History of Good Shepherd Abandoned Cemetery, Pennsylvania
The Good Shepherd cemetery was created in 1976 by owners known collectively as Westminster Associates. Good Shepherd Cemetery was all but abandoned in 2003 and condemned in 2015 because of lack of maintenance.
Abandoned Coketon Mine
Brief History of Abandoned Coketon Mine, West Virginia
Coketon was the third largest coking facility in West Virginia and produced 200,000 tons of coke by 1904. Although time and vandalism have eroded the Coketon complex, significant ruins are nevertheless extant.
Warner and Swasey Observatory in East Cleveland, Ohio
Abandoned Warner and Swasey Observatory in East Cleveland
The Warner and Swasey Observatory in East Cleveland closed in 1980 and scrappers and vandals have trashed the abandoned building, removing all valuable metals and the sheathing on the domes, and making a mess of the place.
Abandoned Variety Theater Complex Renovation in Cleveland, Ohio
Before-and-After Photos of Abandoned Variety Theater Renovation – Cleaveland
40 dramatic before-and-after renovation photos of abandoned Variety Theater Complex in Cleaveland. The Variety Amusement Company opened the Variety Theatre on November 24, 1927 but high cost of utilities and other expenses forced the Variety Theatre to close in 1986. it will take an estimated $12-15
Abandoned Lincoln Way in Clairton, PA
The Derelict Lincoln Way in Clairton, PA
Mysterious story of a beast hunting the residents of Lincoln Way in Clairton, PA. The last house Lincoln Way was evacuated in 2012.
Craig-E-Clair Dundas Castle in Roscoe, NY
History of Craig-E-Clair Dundas Castle in Roscoe, NY
We prepared stunning photos and historical facts about Craig-E-Clair known as Dundas Castle in Roscoe, New York. The almost thousand acres of land surrounding the Dundas Castle was amassed in the late 1880s by Bradford L. Gilbert.
Abandoned Horace Mann School
The History and Photos of Abandoned Horace Mann School
Horace Mann School is an abandoned school in Gary, Indiana. We prepared 40 Urbex Photos of American Horace Mann School.
Old Sleighton Farm School
70 Historic and Abandoned Photos of the Sleighton Farm School
We prepared 70 Historical and Abandoned Photos made inside of the Old Sleighton Farm School. The Sleighton Farm School is an abandoned reformatory school for delinquent girls aged 12 to 18 in Pennsylvania.
Abandoned Wyman-Gordon Power Plant
40 Photos of Abandoned Wyman-Gordon Power Plant, Illinois
We prepared 40+ Stunning Photos of the Abandoned Wyman-Gordon Power Plant of Dixmoor, Illinois. Wyman-Gordon closed the Ingalls-Shepard Division in 1986.
Abandoned Joliet Iron Works Ruins
100 Stunning Photos of the Joliet Iron Works Ruins
We prepared 100 Photos of the Joliet Iron Works Historic Site. The Joliet Iron and Steel Works Mill was an abandoned steel mill that has been preserved as a historic site by the Forest Preserve District of Will County, Illinois.