Abandoned Million Dollar home in Oklahoma
Abandoned Million Dollar home in Oklahoma
There could be a variety of reasons why a Million Dollar home in Oklahoma may be abandoned. Some possible reasons could include financial difficulties, a change in the owner's circumstances (such as moving away or passing away), or issues with the property itself (such as structural problems or environmental hazards).
Abandoned Putnam Hotel
History of Abandoned Putnam Hotel – 20 Haunted Pictures
Putnam Hotel is an abandoned hotel located at 225 West New York Avenue, DeLand, Florida. 20 Haunted Pictures Show Abandoned Putnam Hotel.
Ufo House Homestead
Abandoned Ufo House in Homestead
Abandoned Ufo House was located in Homestead just a few miles from the Everglades National Park entrance. The house was officially condemned on June 27, 2011. After years of abandonment, the house was demolished in August 2013 .
Lee Plaza Hotel
Abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel
Lee Plaza Hotel is an abandoned 16-story apartment building located at 2240 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan. Lee Plaza was built by Ralph T. Lee, a real estate developer who had built and sold over $10 million dollars of apartments and homes. Lee Plaza closed permanently in 1997, and the building was abandoned.
Molly Stark Sanatorium
History of Abandoned Molly Stark Sanatorium
Molly Stark Sanatorium is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital building located on the grounds of Molly Stark Park in Louisville, Ohio. Molly Stark Sanatorium reputation continues to lure ghost hunters and paranormal sleuths have infiltrated the remains of the sanatorium.
The Rosewood Center
Pictures Show Uninhabited Rosewood Center
The Rosewood Center is an abandoned facility for people with developmental disabilities located on Rosewood Lane in Owings Mills, Maryland. Picture Show Abandoned Rosewood Center.
Church of the Transfiguration Philadelphia
Haunting Pictures of Church of the Transfiguration Before it Was Demolished
The Church of the Transfiguration was closed in 2000, and the church building located on the corner of 56th and Cedar in West Philadelphia was demolished in 2009.
Tin Cup Colorado
Ruins of Tin Cup Ghost Town, Colorado
Tin Cup is a semi-ghost in Colorado. Tin Cup population declined when the mines were exhausted. Now there are only ruins and a popular recreation area.
Silver Plume Ghost Town
Haunting Pictures of Silver Plume Ghost Town, Colorado
Silver Plume, founded 1869. Population in 2020 was 215, compared to 908 in 1890. The town achieved national recognition in 1882 when the Georgetown Loop Railroad was completed.
Nevadaville Ghost Town
Brief History of Nevadaville Ghost Town – Haunting Pictures
Nevadaville bears the distinction of being one of Colorado's oldest mining towns. Established in 1859, it was founded as a result of the famous "Pikes Peak or Bust" gold rush enthusiasm. The town died in 1900 when gold and silver ran out. Today the main street has a few of the original buildings still standing.