Mostransavto rusty buses and minibusses in the Moscow region
Rusty public buses in the Moscow region
Photos of rusty public buses and minibusses once used by Mostransavto. But now their resource has been exhausted, and the buses have ended up in this peculiar dump.
Pavlovo Bus Factory PAZ-652
Rusty PAZ-652 bus: from Karelia to St. Petersburg
The PAZ-652 bus was produced in 1963. During Russia's Soviet-era 60 thousand PAZ-652 buses were produced. It was used on routes in Karelia, Russia. In June 2020 a group of enthusiasts bought the bus and transported it to St. Petersburg (Russia).
GAZ 21 (GAZ M21 Volga)
Rusty GAZ 21 in the Russian urban locality Nakhabino
Photos of a rusty GAZ 21 on the streets of Nakhabino, Russia. Discover old GAZ 21 in the urban locality Nakhabino.
Abandoned Soviet GAZ-21 car dump in Saudi Arabia
Abandoned Soviet GAZ-21 car dump in Saudi Arabia
The graveyard of old Soviet GAZ-21 "Volga" cars located somewhere on the outskirts of the city of Mecca. Now cars are abandoned and are in varying degrees of "decay".