Ghost Village Chelyustino
Ghost Village Chelyustino in the Tula region, Russia. A cursed place that the locals bypass.
Chelyustino village is an abandoned village located in Tula region, Russia. Chelyustino village began to die out in the mid-80s, by the early 2000s it was completely empty, some houses were used by summer residents, but explorers counted only a few of them, the last signs of life were in this village in 2013.
Dragon Lodge Mansion Hong Kong
Urbex Haunted Dragon Lodge Mansion in Hong Kong
Follow AbandonedWay Dragon Lodge is an abandoned mansion located at No. 32 Lugard Road, Hong Kong. It is one of Hong Kong’s most haunted places and it occupies some of the most valuable piece of land in the city. Dragon Lodge has seen many owners. The first owner who built the famous property in 1920 […
Priceville Pioneer Cemetery
History of Priceville Pioneer Cemetery in Ontario
Follow AbandonedWay Priceville Pioneer Cemetery, established on land donated by early settlers, has been inactive since May 25, 1951 after the burial of Euphemia MacPhee. By 1950 the burying ground showed considerable neglect. Many stones were falling over or were broken.
History of Chorazin: Town Cursed by Jesus Christ
According to the scripture and Bible, Jesus performed miracles on the streets of Chorazin. History tells us the Chorazin was abandoned in 135 AD and rebuilt in the 3rd century.
Navy Pier Chicago
A Ghost of Deserted Chicago’s Navy Pier
Both Chicagoans and out-of-town tourists love Navy Pier. Not that long ago though, Navy Pier was as deserted as a ghost town in the Old West.
Mount Carmel Cemetery
The Story Behind Mount Carmel Cemetery in Chicago
One of the eeriest gravesites in all of Chicagoland lies inside Mount Carmel Cemetery. This cemetery is in Hillside, Illinois, a suburb just west of Chicago. Visitors are drawn to Mount Carmel from all over. They come to see the "Italian Bride” statue on top of Julia's headstone.
Horace Greeley Elementary School
Haunted Horace Greeley Elementary School in Chicago
The students who attend Haunted Chicago's Horace Greeley Elementary Schoo don't have to wonder claim that Greeley's ghost even followed them from the old school building when the new school was built!
Chicago's Graceland Cemetery
Chicago’s Graceland Cemetery with the City’s Littlest Ghost
Of Graceland Cemetery many ghost stories, one stands out as being more believable than the rest. According to the story, Inez died of tuberculosis when she was only seven years old. In the late 1800s, it was not uncommon for deaths to occur at a young age. Advanced medical knowledge and medicines were
Bachelors Grove Cemetery
20 Pictures Show Bachelors Grove Cemetery
Bachelors Grove Cemetery is one of the most haunted places in the entire world. Bachelors Grove has been a favorite spot for ghost hunters since the 1950s, when the road leading to it was closed, cutting the graveyard off from traffic. Since that time, the area has been isolated.
Fort Dearborn Chicago
Chicago’s Oldest Ghosts at Haunted Fort Dearborn
The haunting of Chicago began in the summer of 1812. At that time, Chicago was just a small settlement and military post called Fort Dearborn. Another Fort Dearborn phantom doesn't haunt the fort's former site. Instead, this ghost shows up at a totally different place a nightclub called Excalibur.