Abandoned Woodcliff Whitehall Ohio
Pictures Show Abandoned Woodcliff Neighbourhood in Whitehall, Ohio
Follow AbandonedWay The Woodcliff is a neighbourhood with nearly 100 abandoned homes within Whitehall city. It has been completely abandoned since 2019. This site spans 36 acres, containing over 150 condos, most of them duplexes. In all, the neighborhood of Woodcliff had 317 units.
Abandoned Youngstown Sheet and Tube
Abandoned Buildings of Youngstown Sheet and Tube in Ohio
Follow AbandonedWay Youngstown Iron Sheet and Tube Company was an American steel manufacturer located in East Youngstown (now Campbell), Ohio. The company offered affordable company housing in Campbell. Houses were built between 1918 and 1920 using prefabricated concrete.
Abandoned Yellow Dog Village
30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Yellow Dog Village Town in Pennsylvania
Follow AbandonedWay Yellow Dog Village is an abandoned mining town located seven miles west of Kittanning, Pennsylvania. The village once served as home to workers at the Buffalo Creek Mine, but after the mine’s closing final resident moved out in around 2011.  Throughout Pennsylvania, small communities
30 Stunning Pictures Show How Atafona Fading Into The Sea
Follow AbandonedWay Atafona is a district in the town of São João da Barra, located northeast of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. The Brazilian town of Atafona was once a popular destination. But now it is becoming a ghost town, as the relentless rise in sea levels turns the former tourist hotspot into abandoned location. […
Gamsutl Ghost Town
25 Stunning Photos of Gamsutl Ghost Town in Dagestan
Follow AbandonedWay Gamsutl is a ghost town located at an altitude of about 1.5 thousand meters above sea level in the southern mountainous part of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia. It’s believed the Gamsutl is anywhere from 2,000 – 5,000 years old, and at its peak, boasted 300 homes.
Abandoned Caretta WV
25 Pictures Show Abandoned Buildings in Caretta, WV
Follow AbandonedWay Caretta is an unincorporated community located in McDowell County, West Virginia, United States. It is named after the transposed syllables of Mrs. Etta Carter, the wife of George Lafayette Carter, who founded Carter Coal. Caretta was a major coal camp in McDowell County.
Ordos Abandoned Chinese City
25 Pictures Show Ordos Abandoned Chinese City
Abandoned Chinese City of Ordos in Inner Mongolia has been called the world's largest ghost town. Today the abandoned chinese city looks like a surreal place made of pharaonic monuments, futuristic architecture, deserted streets and squares, and a multitude of never finished buildings.
404 not found li yang abandoned chinese city
25 Stunning Photos of 404 Abandoned City by Li Yang
Photos of 404 Abandoned Chinese City by Li Yang. 404 Not Found comprises photographs made between 2013 and 2016.
Wittenoom Ghost Town
What does Wittenoom Ghost Town Look Like?
During the 1950s Wittenoom was known as the Pilbara region’s largest town, a monument of prosperity. Today, the once-thriving Wittenoom is now a virtual ghost town.
Pictures Show Feltville Ghost Town
In 1860 Feltville became known as the “Deserted Village. Today Feltville Ghost Town consists of eight homes, a combination general store and church building.