Abandoned train
Zlatoust Train Graveyard
Zlatoust train graveyard is on of the most interesting abandoned places of Zlatoust, Russia. The LV-0044 series steam locomotive was built in 1955, the neighboring P-36 with the number 0058 was built in the early 1950s.
Red Star Train Graveyard
15+ Pictures Show Red Star Train Graveyard in Hungary
The Red Star Train Graveyard also known as ISTVÁNTELEK TRAIN YARD is a stockpile of rusting steam-powered hulks, which are owned by the Budapest Railway Museum located in Hungary.
abandoned Royal Mail train Hellifield
An abandoned Royal Mail Train left to rot in Hellifield
Follow AbandonedWay Royal Mail Train in North Yorkshire is an abandoned train that sits close to the Hellifield junction between Gargrave and Long Preston. The train is a diesel powered Class 44 – C1 Royal Mail goods engine freight train consisting of five locomotives, each with two to three carriages.
Bayshore Roundhouse
30+ Stunning Pictures of Abandoned Bayshore Roundhouse Railroad
The Bayshore Roundhouse was built between 1907 and 1910, making it one of the first buildings to be constructed in the new railyard. At that time, there were more than two hundred roundhouses in California.
Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal
Abandoned Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal
The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal is an abandoned building situated on the Hudson River. The terminal building was recently restored and serves as a museum.
LTEX Yard abandoned locomotive
Stunning Photos of Abandoned Locomotives at LTEX Yard
Located in McDonald, Ohio, northwest of Youngstown, Larry's Truck and Electric (LTEX Rail) is a scrapper, rebuilder, leaser, and reseller of a wide variety of second-hand and abandoned locomotives.
Abandoned Train Station in Terlingua
Abandoned Train Station in Terlingua, United States
Terlingua station was a train station in Terlingua, Texas, United States. Located near Terlingua, it served cargo trains before authorities suspended service east of in August 2008 due to poor track condition. The station closed permanently with no ticket agent.
Doai station Haunted in Japan
30 Haunted Photos of Doai Railway Station in Japan
We prepared 30 Haunted Photos of Doai Station in Japan. Doai Station is the deepest and most haunted railway station in Japan.
Train Graveyard at Big Rock Candy Mountain in Sevier, Utah
Train Graveyard at Big Rock Candy Mountain in Sevier, Utah
A train graveyard lies along the bank of the Sevier River at the base of Utah's Big Rock Candy Mountain. Big Rock Candy Mountain was named after a folk song written by Harry McClintock in 1928.
Abandoned Train Motive Power Depot in Kalinigrad
Abandoned Train Motive Power Depot in Kalinigrad
Abandoned Train Motive Power Depot in Kalinigrad. Take a look at one of the eldest and abandoned Motive Power Depot in Kaliningrad, Russia that offers a glimpse into the past.