Ghost Ship of Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort
Ghost Ships of Abandoned Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort
Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort also known as the „Ghost Ship Hotel“ or Galaxy Hotel is an abandoned hotel, closed down for „renovations“ a few years ago, but didn't open again.
Moynaq Abandoned Ships
Stunning Pictures Show Moynaq Abandoned Ships
Moynaq Ship Cemetery is an abandoned ship graveyard in the middle of the desert located in Uzbekistan, Moynaq. The town of Moynaq, once an active fishing port, fast became deserted when the waters of the Aral Sea disappeared.
Shipwrecks on the Russian Island
Pictures Show Shipwrecks on the Russian Island
In the past years, this place was considered one of the largest ship cemeteries in the Far East. As of 2000, 42 ships – seiners, hydrographs and decommissioned warships without weapons - were lying in the bay waiting for cutting into crap.
SS Andrea Doria
Historical Photos of SS Andrea Doria
The 697-foot-long luxury liner Andrea Doria was the pride of the Italia Line. Named after a 16th-century Italian Admiral who was a contemporary of Christopher Columbus, the great ship was considered by many to be the most beautiful vessel afloat
Abandoned Ships at Sea
25 Creepy Photos of Abandoned Ships at Sea
We prepared 25 eerie photos of the creepiest ghost ships ever found on the high seas. Mystery, fear, enigma encompass the seafaring ghost ships. Ships are frequently abandoned by their owners if it becomes less expensive than continuing to operate.
Abandoned Ship on Kildin Island
Abandoned Ship on Kildin Island
Abandoned ship lies in the Barents Sea waters on the shore of a small Russian Kildin island. Locals say that the cause of the shipwreck was banal drunkenness and slovenliness.
MV Lyubov Orlova Russian Cruise Ship Roaming
Russian MV Lyubov Orlova Cruise Ship Roaming
We prepared 20+ stunning photos of the abandoned Russian Cruise Ship MV Lyubov Orlova. These photos were made by crew members during the last expedition to the Antarctic waters.
MV Kalakala Streamliner Shipwreck
The MV Kalakala Streamliner Shipwreck
Discover the History of the MV Kalakala Streamliner Shipwreck. MV Kalakala a ferry that operated on Puget Sound in the US state of Washington from 1935 until her retirement in 1967.
Sunken Mar Sem Fim yacht in Antarctica
Sunken Mar Sem Fim yacht in Antarctica
From April 7th, 2012, and for about a year, the Brazilian research vessel Mar Sem Fim ("Endless Sea") could be seen under the freezing shallow waters of Maxwell Bay in Antarctica.
The abandoned 'Duke of Lancaster' Ship in Wales
The History of Abandoned TSS ‘Duke of Lancaster’
The History of Abandoned TSS 'Duke of Lancaster' Ship in Wales. TSS Duke of Lancaster was one of the last passenger-only steamers built for British Railways back when the company was also a ferry operator.