The abandoned Imari Kawanami shipyard in Japan
The abandoned Imari Kawanami shipyard in Japan
The Imari Kawanami shipyard on the island of Kyushu was one of the most famous abandoned places (or haikyo as they're called) in Japan. It was where, among others, the human torpedoes were produced during World War II.
Inside Main Building Avangard Plant
Petrozavodsk “Avangard” Shipbuilding Plant from 1939
The shipbuilding plant "Avangard" was founded on June 2, 1939, under the name Torpedo-sighting station "Severnaya tochka" (STS "ST"), since 1945 it has been building and repairing mine trawlers, fishing vessels, small self-propelled dry cargo ships, yachts, and boats.
Abandoned Finnish floating crane Photo 1
Abandoned Finnish floating crane named after Kirov in Khabarovsk, Russia
Abandoned Type PPEK-30 floating non-self-propelled crane in Khabarovsk, Russia.