Ghost Ship of Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort
Ghost Ships of Abandoned Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort
Koh Chang Grand Lagoona Resort also known as the „Ghost Ship Hotel“ or Galaxy Hotel is an abandoned hotel, closed down for „renovations“ a few years ago, but didn't open again.
hohenlychen bunker
50 Photos From Abandoned Hohenlychen Sanatorium
Heilstätten Hohenlychen is an abandoned sanatorium complex in Lychen, that was in use from 1902 to 1945. After WW2 the Hohenlynchen was used for military purposes until 1993 when it was closed and abandoned. 50 Photos From Abandoned Hohenlychen Sanatorium
Abandoned Putnam Hotel
History of Abandoned Putnam Hotel – 20 Haunted Pictures
Putnam Hotel is an abandoned hotel located at 225 West New York Avenue, DeLand, Florida. 20 Haunted Pictures Show Abandoned Putnam Hotel.
Lee Plaza Hotel
Abandoned Lee Plaza Hotel
Lee Plaza Hotel is an abandoned 16-story apartment building located at 2240 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, Michigan. Lee Plaza was built by Ralph T. Lee, a real estate developer who had built and sold over $10 million dollars of apartments and homes. Lee Plaza closed permanently in 1997, and the building was abandoned.
abandoned riverside motel - yulee
Pictures Show Riverside Motel Before it Was Demolished – Yulee, Florida
Riverside motel was an abandoned motel located in Yulee, Nassau County, Florida. It was opened in 1954 and owned by the Knud and Nellie Olfort.
Hotel Amanauz
The Story Behind Abandoned Hotel Amanauz in Dombay
Follow AbandonedWay Hotel Amanauz is an abandoned hotel located in the center of the village Dombay, Russia. Construction began in 1980s but was never completed. Balconies of hotel rooms were stylized as a honeycomb. The project was developed by the CNIIEP. Yevsey Perchenkov designed the building.
New Frontier Las Vegas
History Behind Iconic New Frontier Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
Follow AbandonedWay New Frontier was a hotel and casino that operated in Las Vegas from October 30, 1942 until it closed on July 16, 2007. The iconic building was demolished in November, 2007 after lying abandoned for several months. After that, various plans were floated, but none were realized.
Abandoned Berengaria Hotel
The Story Behind Abandoned Berengaria Hotel in Cyprus
Follow AbandonedWay Berengaria Hotel is an abandoned hotel located in Prodomos, the highest village in Cyprus. The hotel was named after Queen Berengaria, wife of Richard the Lionheart, who were married there.  In 1930, on realizing that holidaying in the mountains was gaining
Jerma Palace Hotel Malta
25 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsascala, Malta
Follow AbandonedWay The Jerma palace hotel at Marsascala ,Malta is an abandoned and stripped out since 2007. Once a grand building and the palace hotel of Malta on the south of the island now all stripped out and looking a shadow of its former self. As for 2022, the abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsaskala […
Tamarack Lodge
Photos of Tamarack Lodge Before Resort Was Demolished
The Tamarack Lodge Resort was eventually shuttered in 2000 and massive fire in April of 2012 destroyed thirty buildings.