Detroit Free Press Building
Inside Abandoned Detroit Free Press Building
Designed by Albert Kahn and built in 1925, the Free Press Building is a monument to the roaring 20's. From the arch over the entrance to vaulted ceilings inside, the building is chock full of intricate, detailed stonework.
Homowack Lodge Resort in New York
Abandoned Homowack Lodge Resort in New York
The former Homowack Lodge Resort is an abandoned resort in the Catskill Mountains of New York, operating from 1920 to 2009. The Spring Glen Resort in its prime offered many things to do such as physical activities like tennis, bowling and swimming.
Arne's Royal Hawaiian Motel
Closed and Abandoned Arne’s Royal Hawaiian Motel
Arne's Royal Hawaiian Motel, CA closed in 2009. Built in 1957, this slice of Hawaii served guests for over 50 years. Now unfortunately it sits shuttered and abandoned.
Abandoned Nevele Grande Ski Resort
Inside The Abandoned Nevele Grande Ski Resort: 50 Stunning Photos
We prepared 50 stunning photos exploring the abandoned Ski Resort and Grande Hotel, Nevele Grande Ski Resort in New York. The Nevele is located in a valley just to the west of the Shawangunk Mountains, between two small lakes. The Nevele Grande Ski Resort closed officially in 2009 due to financial troubles.
Abandoned Penn Hills Resort In the Poconos
50 Stunning Photos From Demolished Penn Hills Resort
50 Stunning Photos From Penn Hills Resort before it have been demolished in 2021. Penn Hills Resort specialized in honeymoons and romantic vacations and became very popular in the 1960’s. Unfortunately in 2009, the co-founder Frances Paolillo died at 102. After his death the Penn Hills Resort closed less than 2 months later.
Simple Love Hotel in Rural Japan
Abandoned Moseushi Love Hotel in Rural Japan
Moseushi Love Hotel is an abandoned hotel and adult entertainment venue in Japan. It is an example of the kind of love hotels found often in the countryside. The lights have been off since the hotel closed in the mid-2000s.
Abandoned Hotel in Japan
50 Creepy Pictures from inside Abandoned Daito Hotel in Japan
Creepy Pictures of Abandoned Daiko Hotel in Japan. The hotel officially closed in 2005, leaving behind everything to crumble in the heat. Russian photographer traveled to the Asian-style hotel to capture the dilapidated building.
Abandoned Photography of Love Hotel in Japan
Creepy Photos of Abandoned Love Hotel in Japan
This love hotel had been built in 1973 and was closed and abandoned in 1997. Abandoned hotel rooms were decorated with statues, columns, wooden figurines, a stuffed bird, and an old TV set.
Exploring Abandoned Onsen Sokai Hotel in Minakami, Japan
Exploring Abandoned Onsen Sokai Hotel in Minakami, Japan
Stunning Photos of Abandoned Onsen Sokai Hotel in Minakami, Japan. Urbex of Japan.
Abandoned Hotel Japan
35 Photos of Long-Abandoned Hotel in Japan
We explored and made 35 stunning photos of one abandoned hotel in Japan. The hotel had 40 rooms and closed its doors in 1995.