Abandoned Mercer Hospital
Pictures Show an Abandoned Mercer Hospital in NJ
Mercer Hospital was renamed to the Mercer Medical Center in 1973. By 2011 the hospital was abandoned. The defunct Mercer Hospital campus has remained vacant since then, with vandals and scrappers causing significant damage to the buildings’ interiors.
New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum
History of an Abandoned Trenton Psychiatric Hospital
The Trenton Psychiatric Hospital operated under the name New Jersey State Hospital until 1971. As patient numbers decreased over time, more and more of the buildings in the complex were abandoned.
Fergus Falls State Hospital
Photographs capture Fergus Falls State Hospital
Fergus Falls State Hospital built according to the influential asylum plan developed by Philadelphia physician Thomas Kirkbride in the 1850s. The first patients were all men, and most of them were farmers or laborers.
Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
Photos From Inside of Abandoned Creedmoor Psychiatric Center
Pictures Show Abandoned Creedmoor Psychiatric Center in Queens, New York. The history of the hospital and its campus, which occupies more than 300 acres (1.2 km²) and includes more than 50 buildings, reflects both the urbanization of the borough of Queens, New York, and a series of changes in psychiatric care.
Abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium
30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium
30 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Hospital is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital that operated between 1910 and 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky. It reopened as the Woodhaven Geriatrics Center between 1963 and 1981.
overbrook asylum cedar grove
Pictures Show Abandoned Overbrook Asylum in Cedar Grove
The Essex County Hospital Center, colloquially known as Overbrook Asylum, was built in 1896 in Cedar Grove. Essex County demolished seven Overbrook Asylum buildings before completing its property sale to the developer in 2016.
Riverside Island Isolation Hospital (North Brother Island)
Abandoned Riverside Island Isolation Hospital (North Brother Island)
Today the North Brother Island is abandoned and off-limits to the public. The buildings of the Riverside Hospital have been taken over by vegetation and are in danger of collapse. North Brother Island has been designated as conservation land, to protect nesting grounds for the herons.
Taunton State Hospital
Pictures Show Abandoned Taunton State Hospital
In March, 2006, the main building of Taunton State Hospital suffered one of the largest fires in the Massachusetts history. The Taunton State Hospital was demolished in 2009. In 2012 the last remaining parts of the facility in use were officially closed by the state.
Abandoned Hayswood Hospital
Pictures Show Abandoned Hayswood Hospital
Hayswood Hospital, in Maysville, Ky, was one of the most unique and historical hospitals in Kentucky. It served as a healing ground for the sick, the dying, and every possible accident or tragedy you could think of. Sadly, it closed its doors in March of 1983.
Riverside Osteopathic Hospital
Stunning Photos of Abandoned Riverside Osteopathic Hospital
The City of Trenton had reached an agreement with the owner of the abandoned Riverside Osteopathic Hospital. The agreement states that the full demolition of the Riverside Osteopathic Hospital must be completed by Oct. 15, 2022.