Abandoned Hayswood Hospital
Pictures Show Abandoned Hayswood Hospital
Hayswood Hospital, in Maysville, Ky, was one of the most unique and historical hospitals in Kentucky. It served as a healing ground for the sick, the dying, and every possible accident or tragedy you could think of. Sadly, it closed its doors in March of 1983.
Riverside Osteopathic Hospital
Stunning Photos of Abandoned Riverside Osteopathic Hospital
The City of Trenton had reached an agreement with the owner of the abandoned Riverside Osteopathic Hospital. The agreement states that the full demolition of the Riverside Osteopathic Hospital must be completed by Oct. 15, 2022.
Letchworth Village
Letchworth Village That Turned Into a Veritable Haunted Asylum
Letchworth Village remains to be one of the most visited abandoned places in the country. Set in a bucolic landscape in the town of Haverstraw in Rockland County, Letchworth Village in 1911 was chosen to be the home of a progressive experiment. The Letchworth Village was up-front about its intention
Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Haunting Photos of Abandoned Kings Park Psychiatric Center
Kings Park Psychiatric Center was established in 1885 in order to deal with overcrowding in nearby asylums. Built on a sprawling 800 acres, KPPC quickly grew into a self-sufficient farming operation, complete with its own railroad spurs for the delivery of coal and supplies.
Abandoned Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital
30 Eerie Photos of Abandoned Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey
The Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital was first built in 1907 as a tuberculosis sanatorium and was owned and operated by the state. The hospital was closed down in the late 1970s, and was left to fall apart. Senator Hagedorn built a psychiatric hospital next to the abandoned tuberculosis.
Abandoned Wakayama Hospital in Japan
Creepy Photos of Abandoned Wakayama Hospital in Japan
50 Creepy Photos of Abandoned Wakayama Hospital in Japan. Doctors with several nurses continued to work in the empty building, but in 2009 the Japanese hospital was closed and abandoned.
Urbex Exploration of Abandoned Saitama Hospital in Japan
Urbex inside Abandoned Saitama Hospital in Japan
When we visited abandoned hospital in Saitama Prefecture in 2016, it was still full of hundreds upon hundreds of medical instruments, many still in perfect condition.
Haunting pictures showing abandoned Japanese Hospital without patients
Haunting pictures showing abandoned Japanese Hospital without patients
The haunting pictures were taken by Russian urban explorer. This abandoned Japanese hospital, built in the 1960s and probably closed in 1993 is located in the middle of a large urban area.
Abandoned Brownsville General Hospital
The History of Abandoned Brownsville General Hospital
Construction on the Brownsville General Hospital began in 1908, in an attempt to fill a desperate need in the Brownsville community. The hospital was constructed between 1908 and 1916 and closed in 1965. It later served as a personal care home until being abandoned in 1984.
Abandoned Boulder City Hospital
Abandoned Boulder City Hospital
The abandoned Boulder City Hospital sat atop a hill overlooking Lake Mead. From its magnificent vantage point, the old structure kept vigil for more than 80 years, while the man-made lake rose and then slowly fell and the city around it quadrupled in size.