Abandoned Wheatsworth Mill
Wheatsworth Mill Ruins in New Jersey
ill is an abandoned grain mill originally built in 1808, in Hamburg, New Jersey. The abandoned Wheatsworth Mill building was listed on Preservation New Jersey's Most Endangered Historic Places list in 2012. 
Hamburg Paper Mill New Jersey
Abandoned Hamburg Paper Mill in New Jersey
Hamburg Paper Mill is an abandoned facility near old Wheatsworth Mill in New Jersey. The Hamburg Paper Mill was left to rot, and after decades of neglect very little remains of the complex.
Abandoned Hackensack Water Works
Abandoned Hackensack Water Works in New Jersey
The Hackensack Water Works buildings were constructed between 1882 and 1931 on an artificial island in the middle of a New Jersey river. Today New Jersey Water Works is an abandoned site.
Port Reading's McMyler Coal Dumper
Pictures Show an Abandoned Port Reading’s McMyler Coal Dumper
Port Reading's McMyler Coal Dumper was finally shuttered in 1983, and hasn't moved since. We prepared stunning photos of abandoned Port Reading's McMyler Coal Dumper.
Essex Generating Station
Abandoned Essex Generating Station in Newark, NJ
Essex Generating Station is an abandoned power plant in Newark, New Jersey. Many of the rooms still contain batteries and other generating equipment, as well as dusty, dilapidated office furniture and other detritus.
american cyanamid research facility
Pictures Show American Cyanamid Abandoned Lab
Haunting images offer a glimpse into the decaying remains of an abandoned American Cyanamid Research Facility. Today the site is owned by a real estate company who hopes to build a mixed-use development on the plot.
Pictures Show an Abandoned Aerojet-Dade Rocket Facility in South Florida
Pictures Show an Abandoned Aerojet-Dade Rocket Facility in South Florida
Pictures Show Abandoned Aerojet-Dade Rocket Facility. Silo New Me South Florida was shut down in 1986 after the company lost its contract with NASA. The Aerojet-Dade Rocket Facility site was developed to experiment with various types of rocket fuel with which to get humans into space.
Canada Malting Plant
Photographs capture Abandoned Canada Malting Plant
Canada Malting Plant silos were abandoned again in 1989, when the Canadian National Railway ceased servicing the area. We took photos from the inside of abandoned Canada Malting Silos.
Bethlehem Steel
Photographs show Abandoned Bethlehem Steel Plant
At peak, Bethlehem Steel was the world’s second largest steel producer and one of the largest shipbuilding companies in the world. Bethlehem Steel was forced to cease production on November 18, 1995.
Kiddie Kloes Factory Lansford
30 Pictures Show Abandoned Kiddie Kloes Factory in Lansford
Constructed in 1904, this abandoned factory Kiddie Kloes Factory in Lansford, Pennsylvania started out as a silk mill. Unused since being closed in the 1990s, the main 3 story brick building is completely grown over on two sides with ivy and vines.