Abandoned Gas Station in Russia
Abandoned Gas Station in Russia
Abandoned Gas Station in Russia. Discover an abandoned Gas station operator's booth in Russia.
Abandoned Amusement Park in Yekateringof, Russia:
Abandoned amusement rides in the Yekateringof park in Russia. The abandoned amusement park is in a good condition and without any radiation.
Abandoned Aphotic Academia
Rows of rusting lockers line a corridor draped by shadow so deep you feel as if you could reach out and lay your hands upon it. Discover Abandoned Aphotic Academia.
Grossinger and other closed luxurious closed hotels.
Grossinger Catskill Resort Hotel was one of the largest Borscht Belt summer resorts. Located in the Catskill Mountains, near the village of Liberty, New York,
The Russian Mysterious Fiberglass Ball
The ball is made of fiberglass cellular structure, mounted from two-layer panels, and is a truncated sphere from the bottom, firmly attached to the ground.
Aniva Rock Lighthouse
30 Breathtaking Photos of Aniva Rock Lighthouse
30+ amazing photos of Aniva Rock Lighthouse were made in Sakhalin. The Aniva Rock Lighthouse is destroyed by water and wind. Aniva Lighthouse was established in 1939 on a small rock Sivuchya.
Hovrinskaya Hospital in Moscow
The Hovrinskaya hospital was demolished only in 2018. Hovrinskaya hospital was built in the form of a three-ray star with six branches at the ends.
Abandoned Shumshu Island
Follow AbandonedWay Shumshu is one of the Islands of the Northern Kuril Islands group. Separated from Kamchatka (Cape Lopatka) The first Kuril Strait is about 11 km wide, and the second Kuril Strait is about 2 km wide from Paramushir island. Administratively, the island is part of the North Kuril city
Underwater Museum of the Soviet Sculpture: Cape of Tarkhankut in Russia
Underwater Museum at Cape Tarkhankut was established on August 25, 1992. Such an unusual idea arose from a submariner from Donetsk, Vladimir Borumensky.
Abandoned Pioneer and Youth Camp in Moscow Region
Abandoned camp "Fairy Tale" is located in the Dmitrov district of the Moscow region. Discover an abandoned pioneer camp.