Abandoned Shopping Mall in Bangkok
Pictures Show Abandoned New World Shopping Mall in Bangkok
Follow AbandonedWay The New World Shopping Mall is an 11-story abandoned shopping mall that turned into a large fish habitat, located in Bangkok, Thailand. It was built in 1982 and has been through a tumultuous journey before finally being closed in 1997, and a fire in 1999 left it without a roof. Once the seven-storey […
Thuy Tien Lake Abandoned Water Park
40 Pictures Show Thuy Tien Lake Abandoned Water Park
Ho Thuy Tien is an abandoned water park located in Hue, Vietnam. The park was abandoned in 2011 and because of, humidity, and the weather condition in Hue, everything inside Abandoned Water Park was rusted.
Abandoned Wacky Warehouse
Pictures Show Abandoned Wacky Warehouse
Follow AbandonedWay The quiet town of Stone in Staffordshire holds a creepy but interesting location. In an old abandoned lot sits an equally old boarded-up building that use to be a place that brought profound joy to kids. The building was originally known as ‘Arden House’
abandoned Royal Mail train Hellifield
An abandoned Royal Mail Train left to rot in Hellifield
Follow AbandonedWay Royal Mail Train in North Yorkshire is an abandoned train that sits close to the Hellifield junction between Gargrave and Long Preston. The train is a diesel powered Class 44 – C1 Royal Mail goods engine freight train consisting of five locomotives, each with two to three carriages.
Huddersfield Infirmary Kirkless College
Abandoned Huddersfield Infirmary Former Kirkless College
Follow AbandonedWay Huddersfield Infirmary is one of Huddersfield’s abandoned buildings. Huddersfield’s first infirmary was opened in 1831 to designs by architect John Oates. It was built in response to concerns about industrial accidents and funded by public donations.
Newsome Mill
Pictures Show Abandoned Newsome Mill in Huddersfield, UK
Follow AbandonedWay The Grade II listed Newsome Mill was used to produce woollen textiles. The first woollen mill on the site at Newsome was founded by John Taylor in 1827. This building burnt down in 1872 and in 1873 Ephraim Beaumont Taylor went into partnership with Joshua Littlewood, to form Taylor &
Abandoned church UK
Abandoned Bowling Church in UK
Follow AbandonedWay A Victorian church which has now been closed 37 years. It’s come under attack over years, with all windows shattered there is some of churches touches still in place but a good majority of it was stolen which is such shame that history gets took like this. Below you may find pictures made […
Abandoned mansion UK
Abandoned Mansion in Ascot UK
Follow AbandonedWay A massive abandoned mansion almost a palace sat in one of the UK’s most expensive areas to live in, set to be demolished very soon. Urbex team explored this £10 million pound abandoned mansion in Ascot England which belongs to a Russian gangster.
Abandoned Hong Kong School
Abandoned Primary School in Fanling, Hong Kong
Follow AbandonedWay This abandoned primary school located in Fanling residential district of Hong Kong. The was built in 1970s and is one of the few remaining old style buildings in area. Once revered as the education center in the New Territories, the school has sat abandoned since 2004 after it moved to a new premises. […
Abandoned village hong kong
Photos: Abandoned Village House in Hong Kong
Follow AbandonedWay When you see this building from the street, it seems that there can be nothing remarkable there. Ordinary concrete walls, miraculously survived windows. I would like to note only the huge wooden doors. Honestly, I would love to have something like this in my home.