Abandoned River Pilot Post in Rostov-on-Don

Abandoned River Pilot Post ABANDONED SPACES
Urbex explorers found the remains of the former River Pilot Post located on the banks of Don River near Rostov-on-Don. Thanks to the past owners for not touching the central lobby with unique chandeliers.
Abandoned River Pilot Post

River Pilot Post located on the banks of Don River near Rostov-on-Don and was directing ships and vessel’s movement on the waters of Don River. As for now the building is abandoned and there is no plans for further renovation.

Urbex explorers found the remains of the former, riotous past inside: halls, leather furniture, rooms, a sauna, a swimming pool and a strange mirrored room. Thanks to the past owners for not touching the central lobby with unique chandeliers! And, in principle, thanks to the participants and the guards for their vigilance, for the fact that no vandal and graffiti artist set foot here – the Pilot station is in a beautiful, perishable state of true post-up.

History of Abandoned River Pilot Post

Abandoned River Pilot Post

The pilot post appeared on the island of Pereboinom in the early 1890s at the exit of the girla Egurcha in the Taganrog Bay. His main task was to transmit information to the captains of ships about the water level in the Don girls. For this purpose, a telegraph and a mast were installed here, on which visual signs with numbers were raised. The mast was located above the center of a one—story extended structure – on the roof of a towering faceted rotunda.

In 1901, the famous physicist Professor Alexander Popov arrived at the pilot station, invited by the Committee of the Don Girls to install a receiving and transmitting radio device. Then similar radio stations were already installed by him in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt.

Abandoned River Pilot Post

At the pilot post and the floating lighthouse (at a distance of 12 kilometers), the equipment was adjusted, which lasted several days. On August 27, 1901, the work of the radio station began.

In August 1902, Alexander Popov again visited the island of Pereboyny.
As a result, a clear radio communication was established between the pilot post, the floating lighthouse, the Rostov port and ships sailing on the Sea of Azov. This civilian radio station worked for more than ten years, and after the outbreak of the First World War was transferred to the military department.

Abandoned River Pilot Post

In the late 1940s, the dismantled wooden structure of the pilot station was moved to the left bank of the Don and reassembled near the Rostov railway bridge, handing over to the Dynamo water station.

A small stone house was erected for the pilot station on the island of Pereboin, which was rebuilt several times and on which a commemorative plaque dedicated to the world’s first radio show now hangs.

After the collapse of the USSR, a recreation center was located on the territory of the former Dynamo water sports base. In the 1990s and 2000s, sauna parties were thrown at the former River Pilot Post building. Later the building was closed and abandoned.

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