The Story Behind Abandoned Hotel Amanauz in Dombay


Hotel Amanauz is an abandoned hotel located in the center of the village Dombay, Russia. Construction began in 1980s but was never completed. Balconies of hotel rooms were stylized as a honeycomb.

The project was developed by the CNIIEP. Yevsey Perchenkov designed the building. The hotel counts 480 rooms and a cinema hall for 630 people, as well as all sorts of ancillary, social, and cultural facilities.

History of Hotel Amanauz

Hotel Amanauz

Dombay had been known as a holiday resort since the 1930s, when climbers began to visit these peaks and rocks. In the 1960s, the government began to equip the place: building chairlifts and hotels.

Construction of the hotel Amanauz began in the late 1970s. Among the authors of the project was the architect Yevsey Perchenkov, a specialist in the construction of tourist complexes, who traveled to study the construction of ski resorts in the Austrian Alps back in the 1960s.

Hotel Amanauz

The construction of Amanauz was frozen in 1985, when the hotel was almost ready and it remained to complete cosmetic repairs. The exact reasons for this decision are unknown. According to one version, a crack formed in the foundation of the hotel. There is no confirmation of this, besides, most of the Dombay buildings were built in such a way that they had to withstand landslides and earthquakes with a force of up to eight to nine points.

According to another version, funding suddenly ended and hotel was not completed due to lack of money. The hotel was abandoned in 1985. All that was missing was the furniture and wallpaper when everything suddenly came to a standstill a few months before it was due to open.

Hotel Amanauz

According to legends, the hotel building was supposed to rotate around its axis along with the movement of the sun. Allegedly, this part of the project could not be implemented, and construction was stopped until better times. There is no confirmation of these rumors, and such large-scale rotating buildings have not yet been built anywhere in the world.

The abandoned hotel Amanauz was not mothballed, and it is gradually being destroyed. In the 1990s and 2000s, the building passed from one owner to another. Now on the territory of “Amanauz” there are parking lots of neighboring hotels. If you wish, you can even enter the building, at least in the spring of 2022 it was not guarded by anyone.

Photos of Hotel Amanauz

How To Get To The Hotel Amanauz

Abandoned Amanauz Hotel stays just in the center of the village Dombay. Directly in front of lifts. However, to get to the village of Dombay you will have to make several transfers, or use a taxi or tourist transfer. Only in the high season (in winter) are sometimes organized direct commercial buses from Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Mineralnye Vody.

You can take a flight to the Mineralnye Vody. The nearest airport to Dombay is in Mineralnye Vody. Then take a bus or taxi to the village of Dombay.

Hotel Amanauz

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