The Story Behind Abandoned Devils Nest Ski Resort in Nebraska

Devils Nest Ski Resort ABANDONED SPACES

Devils Nest Ski Resort is an abandoned ski area located in northeast Nebraska that has been relatively untouched since it closed in 1974.

In the 1960s, a group of developers decided that this unique location at the banks of the Lewis and Clark River would be the perfect place for an upscale ski resort and recreation area. It opened in 1972 and it was supposed to become part of a $100 luxury development which included a 25-story hotel and luxury homes.

Devils Nest Ski Resort

Beautiful resort homes were also planned as part of the development of Devils Nest Ski Resort. Lots were platted and sold, but like much of the development, the plans did not meet with reality in the end. At the beginning eight houses plus an equestrian center and a yacht club had been built.

Artificial snow machines were installed, pulling treated water from the Missouri River to drop, frozen, onto the slopes. It met some success at first with skiers flocking from as far away as Omaha and Lincoln to try the dozen slopes.

Devils Nest Ski Resort

In 1974 was forced to close by the state of Nebraska for failure to pay corporate taxes. The developers blamed poor lot sales and the declining economic climate and banks foreclosed the property in 1975. In 1977 the property was sold at auction to satisfy judgments.

In 2008 a group of investors bought the property with plans to develop the are with homes and infrastructure project. As of May 2022, the buildings of Devils Nest Ski Resort still filled with graffiti and garbage from people who have ventured onto the property over the years. Just rusty cables and decaying chairs remain amongst the cottonwoods and evergreens in the land.

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