The Ruins Of Woodside Flour Mill in UK

Abandoned Woodside Flour Mill ABANDONED SPACES

As you walk along Calder and Hebble Navigation waterway, situated to edge of canal is what’s left of crumbling flour mill which dates back to 19th century time. On researching about the mill, it was built around 1800. To my knowledge it’s first owner was someone called Milner around 1885. The type of production line was 33 different types of four.

Using waterway to be able transport products between local places.Over the years there had been some extension work completed by time all this had been done the mill stood five storeys high from ground level. It soon became one of larger flour Mills in Yorkshire alone. The end of the flour mill, soon hit after a fire broke out, with damage costs of £3000.By 1900s it became former mill, and had continued to decay.

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