Pictures Show Abandoned Wacky Warehouse

Abandoned Wacky Warehouse ABANDONED SPACES

The quiet town of Stone in Staffordshire holds a creepy but interesting location. In an old abandoned lot sits an equally old boarded-up building that use to be a place that brought profound joy to kids. The building was originally known as ‘Arden House’ around the 1880s and was a semi detached residential villa set amidst several other Victorian villas within their own spacious grounds, including ‘Lindow Grove’ now known as The Merlin and ‘Merchistown’ now known as ‘Yesterdays’ the former nightclub.

The Wacky Warehouse closed in November 2009 and since then the site has been derelict. The building has fallen into a sorry state of decline and has been subject to a number of incidences of vandalism and theft. In 2019 an application had been submitted to make the former pub a residential but yet nothing has happened.

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