Pictures Show Abandoned Sanatorium Michel Peiry in France

Sanatorium Michel Peiry ABANDONED SPACES

Sanatorium Michel Peiry is an abandoned hospital located in Languedoc-Roussillon, France. It was built at the end of 1940s to accommodate children suffering from tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases. It also served as an asthma treatment centre. If it is obvious at first glance that this place was dedicated to help children, there are only a few traces of its medical past.

Due to financial reason the Sanatorium Michel Peiry closed its doors in 1995 and remains abandoned since then. Urbex reports and pictures indicate that many pieces of furniture, smashed doors, broken windows still can be found inside. It is lost in the mountains and looks like a haunted mansion. We prepared pictures of abandoned Sanatorium Michel Peiry from few urban exploration trips.

Sanatorium Michel Peiry

Thanks to urban explorers who made these urbex pictures in the previous years. A big thanks to Mat Travers, follow his instagram for more content. We also couldn’t have pulled this off without pictures of Urbx13 team from France. They also haveinstagram where they post pictures from their urbex trips.

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