Pictures Show Abandoned Cheung Chau Cinema in Hong Kong

Abandoned Cinema Hong Kong ABANDONED SPACES

Cheung Chau is an abandoned cinema building located at no. 120 San Hing Back Street, Hong Kong. The two-storey cinema was built in 1931 and during its heyday, screenings were often full. The cinema showed both Chinese and western films, one show in the daytime and two at night. Soundless films were shown in the 1930s with interpreters hired to explain the contents to the audience.

The Cheung Chau closed during the World War 2. After reopening, it remained in operation until it was shut down in the early 1990’s. In 1992, the property was sold and the cinema building has been left abandoned.

Abandoned Cinema Hong Kong

After its closure, the Cheung Chau cinema gradually became a derelict building, while the screen and its iron chairs remain intact, the roof above the auditorium has partially collapsed. The wooden ladder leading to the projector room has also broken, and the projector room is inaccessible.

The stalls only auditorium was on the ground floor of the theatre building, with its Chinese name in four characters above the entrance and on top of the front facade. The ceiling is gone, and areas between seats are overgrown with trees. We prepared 40 photos of abandoned cinema Hong Kong.

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