Photos: Abandoned Village House in Hong Kong

Abandoned village hong kong ABANDONED SPACES

When you see this building from the street, it seems that there can be nothing remarkable there. Ordinary concrete walls, miraculously survived windows. I would like to note only the huge wooden doors. Honestly, I would love to have something like this in my home. The door leading to the back door also looks quite lively for an abandoned house. The handle on it even retained its luster.

The interior setting perfectly makes it clear how the population of China lived a few years ago. The furniture here, of course, was somewhat damaged, but preserved.

Abandoned village hong kong

In the living room there are two once-leather sofas, although their material can only be judged by pieces of upholstery left in some places. I was very touched by a small wooden table, quite typical for Asian houses.

In another room, I found chests of drawers, on which some of the master’s things remained. But I suspect that part of what is standing here was brought in by other visitors to the abandoned house.

Abandoned village hong kong

Chinese-language magazines were also an interesting find. I would really like to read at least the names, but I don’t have the necessary knowledge yet.

Pleasant nostalgia caused an old TV with a huge antenna. You can think a lot about how great it is that progress is stepping forward, but sometimes it’s so nice to see things that you won’t see in residential buildings and apartments for a long time!

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