Just Another Abandoned Mansion in North Carolina

Abandoned Mansion ABANDONED SPACES

It’s hard not to notice such a gem in a small town! In many ways, it is thanks to being in such a place that this mansion is so well preserved. If it were, for example, in the countryside, looters and vandals would have destroyed it much sooner.

But since everything here is left in such good condition, I just won’t forgive myself if I don’t explore this interesting place.

Abandoned Mansion

As expected, the roof suffered the most. Because of this, the rest of the house is slowly collapsing: the staircase suffers, and the floor on the top floor is soft or completely absent in places. I want to warn the same curious explorers like me: “Being in a place like this is extremely dangerous!”

The rooms in the home are spacious. To be honest, you rarely see such a beautiful bright lobby, for a minute I even began to envy the former owners of the house.

Abandoned Mansion

Separately, I would like to note the fireplaces, decorated with mirrors. It seems to me that this is a very interesting solution, a note to modern interior designers!

The window frames are well preserved, it can be seen that they were made of very high quality wood.
The doors here are a true work of art. A large wooden transom gives them an unusual silhouette, and therefore perfectly catches the eye.

Abandoned Mansion

I was a little surprised to see the abandoned supply jars. Why was all the furniture taken away, and they remained in place?

Perhaps I missed a lot, because I had to take pictures quickly. If only there was an opportunity to spend more time in such a place.

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