Haunting Photos From Mossley Manor Care Home in UK

Mossley Manor Care Home ABANDONED SPACES

Mossley Manor Care Home is an abandoned care home, which provided accommodation for older people. There were reports that its patients were betrayed. The care home closed down due to multiple failings that were discovered in 2015. Following an inspection by CQC (Care Quality Commission) staff members were found to have criminal convictions and the pair of millionaire brothers had failed to immediately report the deaths of 10 patients.

Mossley Manor Care Home was originally called ‘Elmswood House’, and was built in the 1850s. In 1940 it became a maternity and women’s home for the Salvation Army before changing use in 1970 to a children’s home before eventually becoming a care home.

These photos show the inside of one of Britain’s grimmest care homes, after the horrendous facility was shut down.

Mossley Manor Care Home

The premises were unsafe and poorly maintained. There was insufficient hot water and unsafe windows in many people’s bedrooms. The premises were also unclean and placed people at risk from infection.

One man with Parkinson’s disease was taken to hospital with aspiration pneumonia after choking because carers kept giving him food he could not swallow. It was also discovered that due to such neglect emergency powers stepped in to shut down the £1000-a-month, 43 room home due to patients being left to lie in their own urine in rooms dubbed “prison cells”.

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