Exploring Abandoned Winter Garden Greenhouse in Crimea

Abandoned Winter Garden Greenhouse ABANDONED SPACES

Winter Garden Greenhouse is an abandoned orangery located in the seaside town of Partenit, Crimea. The abandoned greenhouse resides on the territory of ex-Soviet sanatorium “Crimea”, which was built in 1972-1974.

During 1970s Soviet government constructed swimming pool, cinema, galleries and other facilities on the territory of sanatorium. Additionally, the winter garden greenhouse was built in 1977. After the collapse of the USSR the territory was fenced, orangery and most of the buildings were closed and abandoned. We prepared 20+ photos.

Abandoned Winter Garden Greenhouse

Abandoned Winter Garden Greenhouse is an interesting location for an urban trip, there are still some plants inside. And it is itself quite beautiful with a huge glass cupola.

Locals don’t know exactly when and for what reason this place became totally abandoned. Now vandals made their work and the place is in disrepair. Nevertheless, it still keeps its atmosphere.

How To Get To The Abandoned Orangery

There are two ways to get to the abandoned Winter Garden. The first is to buy a pass for 100 rubles from the bus station in the village of Partenit, for Crimeans — 50 rubles (2022 data). The second option is to go down to the Krym sanatorium from the Ayu-Dag mountain and climb over the fence. The second option is more popular, since the sanatorium is open only in summer, and the rest of the time it is closed and passes are not for sale. But there are security guards on the territory and in no case should the law enforcement officers say that you are going to the garden, it is better to say that you are going to the sea (if you are caught).

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