Abandoned Karaoke Bar in Hong Kong since 1999

Abandoned Kowloon Tong Hong Kong ABANDONED SPACES

Abandoned Karaoke Bar is a haunted site located in Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. During the 1970s-1980s the site was used as a Movie Production House, Taoist home and karaoke surrounded by many kindergartens & love hotels. The site was abandoned since 1999.

In 1995, businessman Liu purchased the property in Kowloon Tong for 57 million RMB, and donated it to the Chengdu Tantric Master Yi Yungao to create the conference site, with Huang Xiaosui and Che Senmei as directors.

Abandoned Kowloon Tong Hong Kong

However, Its former president Huang Xiaosui and his younger brother forged board documents in 1999 and placed the Karaoke bar instead of conference site. They forged documents to mortgage the bank to deduct the property and applied for a loan of more than 65 million RMB from the bank.

The incident has been litigious for many years. In 2010 the original owner of the place was finally ordered by the court yesterday to declare the mortgage invalid and the owner can get the property back. The court declared that the mortgage documents signed by Huang Xiaosui and the bank were invalid, and Liu could get the property back.According to the news, the property has been detained by the bank and has been vacant for many years. Liu has decided to take back the property and demolish the Karaoke bar, and then build about a detached house. However, as of 2022, the site is still abandoned.

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