Abandoned Huddersfield Infirmary Former Kirkless College

Huddersfield Infirmary Kirkless College ABANDONED SPACES

Huddersfield Infirmary is one of Huddersfield’s abandoned buildings. Huddersfield’s first infirmary was opened in 1831 to designs by architect John Oates. It was built in response to concerns about industrial accidents and funded by public donations. Originally set in landscaped gardens, its grand entrance was modelled on a Greek temple. Through later additions, its accommodation grew from 20 beds to 85 by 1885.

New Road Campus has been home to its various named College incarnations since the 1967 when the College paid £105,000 for the site. New buildings were opened in 1967 with the main block being opened in 1971. By 1978 they were 8,000 Students attending the college. The crumbling Huddersfield Infirmary has been left abandoned for some time now. The main building and hospital block are Grade II Listed and it has been placed on Historic England’s list of valuable buildings that are at risk. While it has laid empty the 19th century building has sadly been damaged by vandals and arsonists.

Huddersfield Infirmary Kirkless College
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