25 Stunning Photos of Abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsascala, Malta

Jerma Palace Hotel Malta ABANDONED SPACES

The Jerma palace hotel at Marsascala ,Malta is an abandoned and stripped out since 2007. Once a grand building and the palace hotel of Malta on the south of the island now all stripped out and looking a shadow of its former self. As for 2022, the abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel in Marsaskala is set to be redeveloped into an eight-storey hotel with 500 rooms, 130 residential apartments, and a public square in front of St. Thomas Tower.

Jerma Palace Hotel was constructed on a headland named il-Ħamrija, just across the street from Fort Saint Thomas. In 1976, the land was sold to the Libyan Foreign Investment Company, who constructed the hotel and opened it in 1982.

Jerma Palace Hotel Malta

As the Libyan Foreign Investment Company built it, the ex-leader of Libya had his own presidential suite in the hotel. With the opening of the biggest hotel in the south of Malta, the coast, and especially Marsaskala, were completely transformed. With each year since its opening, what was once a small traditional fishing village began to look and feel more and more like a tourist resort.

However, the prosperity came to an end very suddenly in 2007, when the hotel closed its rooms and suites for guests. The closure was supposed to be temporary. The next year, the hotel was sold to contractors Peter and Jeffrey Montebello from Jefpet Limited for a sum of $21 million.

Jerma Palace Hotel Malta

They had plans for extensive renovations and a grand reopening that were never made a reality. Their next idea in 2009 was to transform the hotel into a luxurious apartment building, add another 5-star hotel to the premises, and build a great yacht marina. The name was to be “Portmaso of the south.” Needless to say, these ideas were also unfruitful.

Today, the state of the once-shining Jerma Palace Hotel is more than sad. It stands derelict and neglected, some parts have collapsed and other parts await their turn to crumble. The insides have been completely stripped of anything of value. There are no carpets, no marble floors, and no stair handles left; even the tiles and bricks have been removed by looters.

Jerma Palace Hotel Malta

Most of the walls have been extensively covered in graffiti, which ranges from simple tags to full-scale works of art. Several police reports state that on many occasions squatters have been chased out of the hotel, and it is no secret that the site is a popular meeting place for drug addicts.

On top of this, the hotel is littered with huge amounts of garbage. Jerma Palace has become a big illegal dumping ground. Locals are disposing of their garbage, debris, and other needless things around and even inside the hotel. Several fires have damaged the hotel in the last few years, caused by the rubbish catching fire.

Jerma Palace Hotel Malta

In August 2016 the Planning Authority ordered the hotel’s owners to demolish the building. Ironically on that same day the building caught fire. In October 2016 Porto Notos Ltd (acting on behalf of the owners) submitted plans for two residential towers, one of 44 and another of 32 storeys, together with a 22 storey hotel.

The site of Jerma Palace Hotel is valued at $24 million and was intended to be sold by a judicial auction at the end of 2016. Alternatively, the cost of demolishing the buildings was estimated at around $1.8 million. New development plans for the site of the former Jerma Palace Hotel will not see an emphasis placed on building height, meaning that Marsascala’s St. Thomas Tower will be visible from the sea

Jerma Palace Hotel
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