25 Pictures Show Abandoned Constanța Casino in Romania

Abandoned Constanța Casino in Romania ABANDONED SPACES

Constanța Casino is an abandoned historic building located on the Black Sea shore, it’s a true symbol of the Constanța city in Romania. One hundred years ago this former casino was Romania’s most magnificent building, hosting world leaders and Europe’s elite. 

Construction began in 1907 and was mostly completed by July 24th, 1910. The casino opened in August of 1910, however the building’s finishing touches were not completed until 1912. When it was finished, it was the largest building of its kind in Romania.

Abandoned Constanța Casino in Romania

Originally, the plans were drawn by the architect Petre Antonescu, who designs a building whose architectural style is inspired by the traditions of Romanian art. After finishing the foundations, however, the plans are changed, the City Hall entrusting their modification to a French (or Swiss) architect, Daniel Renard, who renounces the principles of Romanian style, in favor of a melancholy of decorative motifs that load even more. 

Until the Second World War, Constanța Casino was the main seaside meeting point for the rich tourists who enjoyed gambling. During World War II the recently rebuilt casino hosted German troops while temporarily serving as a military hospital.

Abandoned Constanța Casino in Romania

After the WW2 the Cazinoul din Constanţa belonged to Romania’s Board of Central Tourism, who operated the site as a tourist attraction, and the last major restoration was done in 1988. The casino was restored by a team of plastic artists composed of Sorin Dumitru, Gheorge Firca, Ioan Miturca, Nae Mira, Nicolae Moldoveanu. Paintings of baroque-fresco, stucco, stained glass have been executed.

Maintaining the elaborate structure quickly became prohibitively expensive, and the building was abandoned in 1990. As of 2022, the abandoned casino in Romania is finally going to be restored. According to the plans the inside of the building would be remodeled to allow it to function as a cultural center. A permanent exhibition on the history of the building will also be set up inside.

Take a look at stunning photos of the abandoned place in Romania to see the beauty of iconic building.

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