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Abandoned RC Cola Plant Miami

RC Cola Plant Miami

The formerly abandoned RC Cola Plant is an architectural mainstay of the Wynwood Arts District. Miami residents have been treated to epic graffiti murals that can be seen clearly from I-95 (or while driving around the streets of Wynwood). Claud Adkins Hatcher, a Columbus, Georgia pharmacist, started RC (Royal Crown) beverages in 1905. After organizing the Union Bottling Works, the Hatcher Grocery Company began producing drinks under’s their own labels, the first line of beverages being named Royal Crown, and the first cola drink was called Chero-Cola.

The corporate headquarters for Royal Crown Companies Inc. were relocated from Atlanta, Georgia to Miami, Florida. Located at was is now known as the Wynwood Art District, The Miami plant was built in 1935, but many of the it’s features like the outside wall and plumbing weren’t added on until the late-60s and 70s. By the early-90s, however, empire was collapsing under investigations and lawsuits and in 1993 RC Cola Plant Miami was closed down and abandoned. 

The RC Cola Plant Miami was closed down and it wasn’t long before graffiti began appearing on the outer walls of the property. Today, the RC Cola Plant Miami is one of the focal points during Art Basel which is held every year in December. It is currently owned by the Mana Urban Arts Project and all pieces painted there are under the curation of the Bushwick Collective.

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