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Pictures Show an Abandoned Glass Mansion in Leesburg, Virginia

Nestled near the forest in Leesburg, the Abandoned Glass Mansion has sat vacant for well over a decade. Once a bustling center of social activity, the mansion now lies empty, slowly accepting encroaching vines and decay into its landscape. It was build in 1980s and abandoned in 2003.

Standout features in the stunning estate include a garage that can house up to 6 cars, full bar and an indoor shooting range that can also double as a panic room. Many rumors about this place that a drug lord lored lived here or an Arabian prince but locals think the owner just went bankrupt and left it.

Whether you love ghost stories and creepy photos or are just fascinated by architecture from eras gone by, abandoned mansions across America are pretty interesting. After the economic downturn, many people fell into mortgage arrears or found their homes were in negative equity and some abandoned their homes altogether. This was a case of this mansion.

This Glass Mansion make an entire neighborhood look bad. Trash, overgrown grass and pest problems spilled over. However, the Glass Mansion will remain abandoned until the government can seize it for back taxes.


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