Dozens of rusty Russian cars and trucks on the outskirts of an abandoned factory

Abandoned Volga car ABANDONED SPACES
Dozens of abandoned Russian cars and rusty trucks on the outskirts of factory. Discover 30+ Photos of abandoned Russian cars. Those abandoned cars and trucks symbolize a relic of the past and decline of the Russian economy.

The once powerful Russian industrial plants are now going through hard times. Dozens of factories are now in ruins across the country. On the outskirts of one of these factories, satellite images showed a clearly visible dump with lots of rusty trucks and cars. Those vehicles were abandoned long ago.

I decided to find and visit that place. The factory was fenced by concrete walls, but someone built a staircase made of cargo wheels and tires for the guests who came here.

Abandoned concrete wall

I climbed over the concrete fence and saw several abandonedd ZIL trucks, a GAZ-66 bus and a rusty VAZ-21099.

There were abandoned parts of crane covered with moss and rye.

On the outskirts there was another site, which did not have time to overgrow with grass and bushes. There was an observation tower near the fence, in which the guard used to sit and watched the parking lot. But now there are wooden crosses on the windows of the tower, symbolizing the removal of the object from the financial balance of the plant.

An abandoned ZiL truck stands nearby, and a rusty fuel trailer next to it.

A small parking lot with abandoned Volga cars. Most likely, those cars were driven by the factory bosses. Now they are abandoned and no one needs them. Those abandoned Volga cars symbolize a relic of the past and complete decline of Russian economy.

All the most valuable things were removed from the Volga cars. Surprisingly, the marauders left the wheels and rubber, even the chrome on some parts of cars remained intact.

The abandoned cars and trucks on the site wee very different. For example, there was a crane, and next to it was a Soviet excavator with a bucket.

When I passed into the depths of the site, I saw that some trucks almost disappeared under the grass and bushes. Most likely, those trucks and cars has been here for several decades.

Most likely, those cars and trucks has been standing in these thickets for thirty years. Nearby there were rotational trailers hidden under the greenery of the Soviet Ural and KraZ trucks.

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Abandoned parking lot
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