Abandoned narrow-gauge railway Krotovka — Sernye Vody

Abandoned Krotovka — Sernye Vody narrow-gauge railway ABANDONED SPACES
Photos of an abandoned Krotovka — Sernye Vody narrow-gauge railway in Russia. Railway reflects the culture and prosperity of the Russia.

The construction of the narrow-gauge single-track railway “Krotovka – Surgut (Sergievsk)” began in 1896 under the leadership of the engineer and writer Nikolai Georgievich Garin-Mikhailovsky.

The narrow-gauge railway was commissioned on August 16, 1897. The length was 86 kilometers. The track gauge was 1000 mm. At the time of construction, the line consisted of only a few stations – “Timashevo”, “Aleksandrovo”, the siding “Sarbai”, “Kabanovo”, “Serie Vody” and “Sergievsk”.

In the village of Sergievsk, located near the terminal point, at the time of the opening of the narrow-gauge railway, the resort “Sergievskie Mineralnye Vody” was operating. Therefore, passenger transportation was in demand, among the passengers there were many wealthy people.

In connection with the construction of a narrow-gauge railway, a depot and an access road to it were built at the Krotovka station. Since that time, the station “Krotovka” began to be called “Uzlovaya”.

The date of the liquidation of the narrow-gauge railway is 1922. A wide gauge railway line was built instead. The terminal point was the station “Sulfur Waters II”, located in the village of Surgut, 4 kilometers north of the former terminal point – the station “Sergievsk” (“Sulfur Waters I”).
The railway line “Krotovka – Sulfur Waters” is dead-end, non-electrified, on wooden sleepers. But there are 39 bridges on it. The longest of them is 168 m, the shortest is 6.7 m.

The line “Krotovka – Sernye Vody” crosses the following highways: “Samara – Buguruslan”, “Ural” – Mukhanovo “,” Kinel-Cherkassy – Aleksandrovka – Khilkovo “,” Kinel-Cherkassy – Kabanovka – Bogorodskoye “,” Ural “- Kalinovka – Karabayevka “, federal highway M5” Ural “; and rivers: Bolshoi Kinel, Sarbai, Zavodskaya, etc. Along the Krotovka – Sulfur Waters branch there are settlements: Krotovka, Timashevo, Nizhnegorskiy, Sadgorod, Novaya Mikhailovka, Kabanovka, Kalinovka, Sukhodol, Surgut.
In 1996, passenger traffic was terminated on the Krotovka – Sernye Vody II section. Station buildings are closed to passengers.

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