Rusty public buses in the Moscow region

Mostransavto rusty buses and minibusses in the Moscow region ABANDONED SPACES
Photos of rusty public buses and minibusses once used by Mostransavto. But now their resource has been exhausted, and the buses have ended up in this peculiar dump.

Rusty Mostransavto buses and minibusses in the Moscow Region. Unitary enterprise Mostransavto is a state-owned company for passenger bus transport in Moscow Oblast with a daily throughput of 2.3 million passengers. It operates 1224 different routes with a total length of 33,800,000 km as well as 44 bus terminals and terminal stations.

In total, Mostransavto has 6,497 transport vehicles as of November 13, 2017
As you can see in the photos there are suburban LiAZ buses, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minibusses, and few PAZ buses.

The parts of those rusty vehicles are used as scrap metal. There are some rumors that all equipment has already been put under the gas cutters. However, it seems that every month new transportation vehicles appear inside that dump. Also, there is an excavator driver, which every few minutes drag minibusses from one corner of the dump to another one.

A huge amount of rusty public transport! There were buses, route taxis, suburban buses, and regular buses. All equipment is in a deplorable condition, windows are smashed, engines are missing, all parts are barbarously torn out.

After wandering for about an hour and carefully examining the route and bus numbers, we realized that the buses were brought here from different regions and directions. Some specimens look quite like new.

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