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Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle and Hangar ABANDONED SPACES
Abandoned space shuttles. The abandoned hangar is located on a site that belong to Soviet's space launch facility. View gallery: 50+ photos.

Space Shuttles: The Baikonur Cosmodrome is the world’s largest space ‘hanger’, and it reached the grand age of 65 years old on September 15, 2020. A variety of spacecraft was tested here, including the Energia-Buran system.

The assembly and refueling complex with the two spacecraft in it was closed more than two decades ago. It was almost the largest building in Baikonur. It was designed by the Prikompromproject institute in Izhevsk.

The length of the structure is 433 feet (132 meters) long and 203 feet (62 meters) high. There are huge sliding gates at the ends of the building. The largest of these is 138 x 118 feet (42 x 36 meters).

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle. ©

The bearing structures of the assembly and refueling complex are made of a special type of steel. These structures must withstand the pressure of the shock wave arising in the event of a possible explosion of a heavy launch vehicle at the nearest launch pad.

On the sides of the main building are four-story extensions which house a variety of equipment for testing, organizing ventilation, and providing power.

Since the room in which the work with the orbital spacecraft took place was not supposed to contain dust, a high atmospheric pressure was artificially created within it. All doors leading from the hangar to the corridors were airtight.

Three transverse beams moved under the ceiling, each of which had a lifting capacity of 400 tons. Even higher up is a complex system of walkways under the roof itself, which allows access to the lighting lamps.

Currently, there are two ships inside the refueling complex, one of which is the second flight copy of the Storm; the other is a technological layout for testing prelaunch operations. But, despite the fact that the latter is a mock-up, inside and outside, it looks like a real ship.

Neither is in the best condition and, because of this, they complement each other.

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle. ©

The current state of the Space Shuttles is very pitiable. Some of the thermal protection tiles have fallen off, and the cockpit glazing has been broken. The wings and fuselage are covered in a rich layer of bird droppings that has accumulated over more than 20 years.

At the time that work on the Storm ceased, it was 95 percent ready. Externally, in addition to the individual pattern of heat-shielding tiles, it differs from OK-MT by the presence of installed orientation engines in the nose section.

In the tail section, the Storm has lost its container with brake parachutes, but the propulsion system looks completely intact. With the OK-MT model, the tail section was much better preserved, and the frontal glazing is in good shape.

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle. ©

Inside the layout, almost everything is the same as on the “adult” ship.  Of course, it is no longer clear what became of the missing equipment — it was not installed nor torn out for precious metals. Defeat reigns in the module and the cockpit, but the payload compartment and the engine compartment are relatively clean.

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle. ©

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Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle and Hangar
Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle.

Abandoned Soviet Space Shuttle. ©

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