The Russian Mysterious Fiberglass Ball

The ball is made of fiberglass cellular structure, mounted from two-layer panels, and is a truncated sphere from the bottom, firmly attached to the ground.

The ball near Dubna is a hollow ball with a diameter of about 18 meters. It’s located on the forest territory near the village of Ignatovo, near Dubna.

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The ball is made of fiberglass cellular structure, mounted from two-layer panels. And it has a truncated sphere, firmly attached to the ground.

Initially, it had two holes: a round one at the top and a shaped one, resembling a keyhole. There was no access from the ground. To enter the ball, a small opening was cut at the height of a person. The ball is so huge that the opening does not interfere with the formation of sound — the main feature of this object.

Photo: Илья Буяновский
Photo: Илья Буяновский
Photo: Илья Буяновский
mikeseryakov, 080 BallDubna 06082011, CC BY-SA 3.0

Inside the ball is spacious, there is a large earthen area on which you can walk, experimenting with sound, or viewing the vault of this structure. On the lower edge, from the inside, a metal strip is bolted to the ball. Double metal stakes were driven into the ground (or rods going into the concrete base) are bolted to the strip, at a short distance from each other. These stakes are many, they are attached to a strip along the entire circumference of the sphere’s contact with the earth.

Information about object:

  • The balloon is located in a remote, inaccessible place, not far from the Moscow sea;
  • We can assume that object is not currently used in any way;
  • There is a special acoustic environment inside the ball. Any sound, amplified, for a few seconds repeatedly reflected from the walls, then concentrated in the upper part of the ball and gradually faded, reverberating. Since a person is constantly making sounds inside the ball (footsteps, rustling clothes, coughing, exclamations, etc.), he is constantly surrounded by many simultaneous different sounds that seem to be chasing each other around the ball with great speed. Some people are amused by this process, but there are people who can not stand it.
  • The balloon has a white color and is clearly visible on satellite images of the appropriate spatial resolution;
  • The original purpose of the balloon is to provide radio-transparent protection of the radar antenna from meteorological influences. It could be used to place tracking equipment for space objects or, for example, in a missile defense system.

On February 18, 2012, an acoustic concert was held near the Ball, which attracted about a hundred spectators. The program included guitars, balalaika, accordion, violins, ukulele, flute, vocals, and poems. The concert was also attended by dancers, some of the numbers were accompanied by a video projection.

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